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Module 10 Unit 2

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Unit 2 This morning we took a walk.

Disneyland two days

Hollywood the homes of the movie stars

Santa Monica swim Pacific Ocean

Did you go to these places?

Hyde Park

Big Ben

Buckingham Palace

British Museum

Chinese restaurant

Tower Bridge

Teaching aims
1. To master the key vocabulary: 2. To master the key structures: irregular past simple of verbs 3. To get information from the reading material about holiday journeys 4. To learn how to write email

Words and expressions arrive 到达 v. /?'raIv/ relax 放松 v. /rI'l? ks/ world-famous /'w?:ld'feIm?s/举世闻名的 adj. /frent?/ 法国的;法语的 adj. French
法国人;法语 n. 买;出售 v.



/t?p/ /tIl/ /'laIt/ /?n/

顶端 n. 直到…为止 conj. 电灯 n.

top till light on wonderful palace

在使用中; 开着的 adv.

/'w?nd?ful/ 绝妙的 adj. /'p? l?s/ 宫殿 n.

Then read the email and check(√) the true sentences.
From Sent Subject Betty King Friday,1st June My holiday in Paris

Hi, Grandma! Here I am in Paris. Jenny and I arrived by plane the day before yesterday. Aunt Joan and Uncle Pete met us at the airport. We were tired so we relaxed at home and began our tour of the city yesterday. Yesterday we went to the Louvre Museum. It has many word-famous works of art, such as the Mona Lisa. In the evening we had dinner in a French restaurant. The food was delicious!

This morning we took a walk. There are shops and restaurants everywhere, and 1 love the street markets. They sell such good fruit and vegetables. We also did some shopping. I bought a present for you. 1 hope you’ll like it! At about three o clock, we took the Pan's Underground to the Eiffel Tower. It is really high. There were lots of tourists, so first of all, we had to wait in line for an hour, and then we went to the top. We waited till all the lights were on. It was wonderful! Tomorrow we re going to visit a famous palace and take a boat tour on the River Seine. I’ll write again. Love, Betty

Now check the true sentence.

×2. he took a tour in the city the day before yesterday.


arrived in Paris two days ago.

×4. They waited for three hours to go to the top of the
Eiffel Tower.

They took the Paris Underground today.

Tomorrow they are going to take a boat tour on the River Seine.

2 Complete the diary.
The day before yesterday Yesterday ?arrived by plane ?was tired relaxed at home ?went to the Louvre Museum ?had dinner in a French restaurant

This morning

?took a walk ?did some shopping ?bought a present
?went to the Eiffel Tower

This afternoon and morning Tomorrow

?Visit a famous palace ?Take a boat tour on the River Seine

3 Answer the questions.
1. Who met Betty at the airport?

Her aunt and uncle met her at the airport.
2. What did she see in the Louvre Museum?

She saw the Mona Lisa.
3. Where did she go this morning?

She went to the shops and street markets.
4. When did they go to the Eiffel Tower?

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