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2013年新版英语四年级下册Unit 5单元测试题

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四年级下册Unit 5单元测试题

一、判断下列单词划线部分的读音是否相同,是的打√,否则打X 。

( ) ( )

( ) ( )

5. ) ( )

二、下列每题有一项与其它三个不同类,请找出来,序号填在括号里。 ( )1. A. snowy B. cloudy C. wear D. rainy ( )2. A. there B. six C. ninety D. eight ( )3. A. orange B. banana C. red D. pink ( ) 4. A. pants B. dress C. sweater D. short ( )5. A. cheap B. pretty C. nice D. much ( )6. A. what B. that C. where D. who


1.big→ 2. long→ 3. yes→

4. hot→. 5. that→ 6. these→


( )1. is it? It’s brown.

A.What time B. What colour C. How much ( )2. It’s warm today. your jacket!

A. Put on B. Wear C. Take off ( )3. Can I wear my new shirt?

A. Yes, I am. B. No, we can’t. C. Yes, you can.

C. under

( )4. What’s the like in Shantou? It’s cold.

A. sweater B. weather C. water ( )5.你告诉同学这是我的(书包),应说:

A. It’s mine. B. It’s my mother’s. C. It’s Mike’s. 〔 )6.你觉得小丽买的十元一个的书包不错,很便宜,应说 A. Very cheap B. Very pretty C. Very expensive


2. that a computer? .

3. It's (该…时候)P. E. class.

4. (你爸爸)is strong.

5. (这是)the teacher's desk?


Take off your hat. 译: Put on your shirt 译:Wash your skirt. 译:Hang up your dress, 译:

Put away your pants. 译:



1、( ) What colour is the hat? A、No, they aren’t.

2、( ) Where is the T-shirt ? B、They’re mike’s.

3、( ) Are these yours ? C、 It’s mine.

4、( ) Whose coat is this? D、It’s pink.

5、( )Whose pants are these? E、It’s on the bed.


1、whose these are pants(?)2、like this I skirt green(.)

3、coat whose this is(?)

4、to it’s go home time (!)

5、your sweater these

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