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一、Listen and choose。

第一部分共10小题。你将听到一个单词,请根据读音选择正确的答案,答案填在括号内。每个小题读两遍。 (每小题0.5分,共5分)

( ) 2. A. make B. made ( ) 1. A. bag B. bad ( ) 4. A. went B. when B. hut ( ) 3. A. cut

( ) 6. A. work B. walk ( ) 5. A. then B. than

( ) 7. A. back

( ) 9. A. pet B. pack B. bet ( ) 8. A. came ( ) 10. A. like B. game B. bike

第二部分共10小题。你将听到一个句子,选择你所听到的选项。每小题读两遍。 (每小题 0.5分,共5分)

A. from C. farm B. far ( ) 1. C. rice ( ) 2. B. nine A. nice

C. tall B. tell ( ) 3. A. tail

A. washed C. washes B. watched ( ) 4. C. fruit ( ) 5. A. food B. foot C. thinks B. thin ( ) 6. A. think

C. 7:13am B. 7:30am ( ) 7. A. 7:30pm

A. headache C. hand ( ) 8. B. head C. bored B. board ( ) 9. A. born

C. size B. sick ( ) 10. A. side

二、Listen and judge

听对话,回答问题,答案填在括号内,每小题读两遍。(每小题1分, 共10分)

( (

六年级英语 第 1页 (共8页)


( )3. When is New Year?s Day? ( )4. Which season do you like best?

( )5. What does your father often do? (

( )7. What you going to do at home? ( )8. How can I get to the museum? ( ( )10. What?s the matter with you?

三、Listen and answer

听问题,选择最合适的应答句,答案填在括号内。每个问题读两遍。(每 小题1分,共10分)

( ) 1. A. I went to Harbin. B. I went by plane.

( ) 2. A. She likes swimming. B. She is very strict.

( ) 3. A. Amy is 130cm. B. Amy is 30kg.

( ) 4. A. I do my homework. B. I?m going to buy a magazine.

( ) 5. A. He is angry. B. He has a toothache.

( ) 6. A. Yes, I like. B. No, I don?t. They are sour.

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( ) 7. A. Yes, he is . B. Yes, I am.

( ) 8. A . She is swimming. B .She is going to swim.

( ) 9. A. I am bored. B. I have a headache.

( ) 10. A. No, thank you. B. Don?t ask me.

四、Listen and fill

听到对话,填入所缺的单词,使对话意思合理、完整,每空只填一词。 每组对话读两遍。(每空0.5分,共8分)

1.Tom: I want to be an ________. What do you want to be?

Jack: I want to be a ________.

2. Peter: Are you taller than me ?

John: No, I?m________ than you. I am ______ tall.

3. Lucy: Did your go

Helen: No, she ______skiing there.

4. John: You look so ________. What day is it today?

Amy: It?s. It?s my _________birthday.

5. Sarah: Where does your father work?


6. Nick: Is this your ________?

Tim: No, it?s ______. My ruler is _______.

7. Andy: What can you do, Lucy?

Lucy: I can the clothes. I _______the clothes this morning.

五、Listen and judge

听短文判断对错,听下面一段短文,判断正误,正确的在括号内打 “T”,错误的打“F”。(每小题1分,共5分)

( )1. Today is Sunday.

( )2. We saw many animals at the zoo.

( )3. I played the piano in the morning.

( )4. Tim has a toothache.

( )5. I was happy, but my brother was bored.


六、Read and choose


Sarah and Helen are good friends. They are talking on the phone. Let?s see what they are talking about.

Sarah: Hi, This is Sarah. Can I speak to Helen please?

Helen: Hello, Sarah. This is Helen speaking.


六年级英语 第 3页 (共8页)-

Helen: I am doing homework now.


Helen: It was great. We really had fun on my winter holiday.


Helen: I went to Beijing last winter holiday.


Helen: I went with my parents.

Sarah: Are you going to Beijing this summer holiday?

I am going to Xinjiang.

Helen: I am going to sing and dance and eat good food there.

Sarah: Oh, that sounds good.

Helen: Bye.

Sarah: Bye-bye.

七、Read and judge (阅读理解,每小题1.5分,共15分)



Children?s Day

I am Andy. I am from USA. Today I don?t go to school, because it is Children?s Day. My father takes me to the zoo. At the zoo, there are many kinds of animals, such as tigers, pandas, lions, elephants, giraffes and bears. They are different from each other, some of them are shy, some of them are friendly, and others are so cute.

I think these animals are unhappy. They should live in the forest, because life in the zoo is so much different from that in the forest.

I am happy to see the animals today. I like Children?s Day.


( )1. My father takes me to the zoo.

( )2. Today is Teacher?s Day.

( )3. There are many kinds of animals, such as tigers, pandas, lions, elephants,

giraffes and bears.

六年级英语 第 4页 (共8页)-

( )4. I am unhappy today,but the animals are very happy.

( )5. I think he animals should live in the forest.



It is Sunday today. A father and his young daughter are going to the zoo by bus. They get on a bus and sit down. The conductor(售票员) comes to them for their money. The father says,” I want one ticket.” Then he gives the conductor some money. The conductor looks at the girl, then he asks, ?How old are you ?” The father stars to speak. But the conductor stops him, and the girl says,” I am six years old at home, and four years old in buses and trains. Father tells that.” The father?s face turns red. He has to take some money out of his bag and gives it to the conductor. The conductor gives him one and a half(半) tickets.

( )1. The father and the daughter are going .

A. to the zoo B. to the park

( )2. The word “money”means in Chinese.

A. 蜂蜜 B. 钱

( )3. The father wants to buy at first.

A. 2 tickets B. one ticket

( )4. The girl is years old.

A. 6 B. 4

( )5.The conductor gives them .

A. one and a half tickets B. 2 tickets

八、Read and fill

Li Ming喜欢交朋友,下面是他写给Alice的一封邮件,认真阅读并帮他完成邮件的内容,选择合适的词填空,每词只能用一次。(每空1分,共10分。

Hello. My _____ is Li Ming. I am a _____ at Willow School. My favourite _____ is Monday. I often get up _____ 6:30 in the morning. I have 6 day. After school, I often play _____ with my friends. My father and mother . We went to Harbin last winter holiday. We went skiing and snowman, because it was Do you want to be my friend? What do you often do after school? How your last winter holiday?


Li Ming

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九、Ask and answer



1. Amy:? 1.

Chen Jie:I?m going to the post office at 2 o?clock.

2. Teacher:? 2.

Dick:No, but I can draw beautiful butterflies.

3. John:My mom works in a company. Zhang Peng:My mother works in a hospital.

4. Edward:Y?

Tim:I have a fever.

5. Liu Yun: 5.

Tom:No, Jack went to the supermarket by subway.

十、Look and write(满分10分):回邮件。假设你是Alice,收到Li Ming的邮件(见第八题)。

要 求:1.再次阅读Li Ming的邮件,然后回邮。

2.说说你自己的情况,包括回答Li Ming的两个问题。


Dear Li Ming,



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