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2014年人教版四年级英语期末试卷及答案 听力部分(30分)


1、A. library B. garden C. playground D. home

2、A. jeans B. pants C. socks D. shoes

3、A. sheep B. hen C. goat D. cows

4、A. tomato B. potato C. carrot D. onion

5、A. eleven B. twelve C. thirteen D. fifteen


1、Go to the__________ . 4、I like___________ .

2、Take off your_________. 5、I see five ________.

3、_________ the weather like in Newyouk ?

三、听录音,根据你所听到的内容给下列单词排队。(10分) funny cloudy tomatoes shoes vegetables




( )1、A. Hen B. cow C. goat D. fat

( )2、A. rainy B. windy C. cloudy D. Hello

( )3、A. blue B. shirt C. dress D. jacket

( )4、A. one B.time C. two D. thirty

( )5、A.artroom B. computeroom C. washroom D. board


1、Welcome to our_____

! A. school B. homework C. srudents.

2、What time is it ? It’s______.

3、 A. 8 B. 8 o’clock C. clock’s 8

3、Is that your sweater ?_____.

A. No,It’s B. Yes,It’s c.Yes,it is.

4、What’s the weather like today ?___.

A. It’s sunny B. go C. close

5、How much is this dress ?_____.

6、A. pretty B. too expensive C. 99yuan


( )1、Are they in the living room ? A. Yes,he is

( )2、Is this your father ? B. I’d like some chicken

( )3、What’s his name ? C. No,they aren’t 2

( )4、Can I have some noodles ? D.His name is Mike

( )5、What would you like for dinner ? E. sure,Here you are


Mike is my friend. He’s thirteen. He is Engish. We are in the same school. We are not in the same class. His father,Mr Black is a driver. He is forty. His morher is not a driver. She is a nurse. She is forty-three. Mike has a sister.

1、Mike is_______ years old.

2、Mr Black is a __________.

3、Mike’s mother is a________.

4、Mike has a__________.

5、Mr Black is Mike’s __________.




一、1、This is the library. 2、These are his pants.

3、Are these cows ? 4、I have a potato.

5、I have eleven English bookd.

二、1、Go to the yarden.

2、Take off your jacket.

3、What’s the weather like in NewYork ?

4、I like tomatoes.

5、I see five cats.

三、1、I like tomatoes.

2、They are so funny.

3、It’s cloudy.

4、How much are those big shoes ?


5、I don’t like vetetables. 答 案


一、1、A 2、B 3、D 4、B 5、A

二、1、garden 2、jacket 3、what’s 4、三、2 3 1 4 5


一、1、D 2、D 3、A 4、B 5、D 二、1、A 2、B 3、B 4、A 5、C 三、1、C 2、A 3、D 4、E 5、B 四、1、thirteen 2、driver

3、nurse 4、sister


5 tomatoes 5、cats

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