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学生版Book 1 Unit 2学案

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I came; I saw; I conquered.

Unit2 English around the world

Period I Warming up and Pre-reading


1. to know that there are different kinds of English in the world

2. to grasp the important words, expressions and sentences in the part.



1. subway 2. elevator 3. petrol

4. gasoline 5. gas 6. official


1. 2. 3. Let’4. 5. 6.

7. 【问题导学】

你知道有不止一种英语吗? 翻译: more than one _________________

运用:______________(不止一座) house was burnt down in the fire.


____________________________________________________________________________________. 扩展:Both of them are more than schoolmates. They are friends.他们两个_____是同学,还是密友。 我______乐意帮忙。

2 In在某些重要方面,他们彼此差异很大。

1)句中be different from…. (in…)为常用词组,意思为 “(在…….)与……不同”

翻译:I am different from my sister in character.译:________________________________________. 运用:My opinions ___________________ yours.我的意见不同于你的。


温馨提示:different的程度,可用副词very, much, quite, entirely, totally等表示哦。

归纳:A is different from B (in …)



2)one another:相互,彼此

3. 从重点搜查看来,去看电影除了以前学过的see a film之外,我们又接触到两种表达,分别是:________________和_______________. 知道就OK了。

4. 在重点搜查里,你能找到一个表面是问句,实际表示建议的句型吗?写下来吧。 ______________________________________________________________________ 仿写:何不努力学习呢?____________________

何不问问老师呢?____________________ 与你的搭档一起,列举出把英语作为官方语言的国家。


I came; I saw; I conquered.

My father is an officer in the army, while his father is an official in the government.




运用:official language官方语言 ______duties公职;an __________ visit 官方访问; 你认为哪个国家学习英语的人最多?

学习:What time do you expect we will come and pick you up?你希望/预料/期待我们几点来接你?

学习:What do you suppose he will do after he hears about the good news? 你认为他听到那个好消息后会做什么呢?

总结:do you think/believe/expect/find/know/suppose/say作为插入语,放在______________后,后接_______________(陈述/一般疑问句)语序,你觉得为什么是这种语序呢?如果去掉该插入语,句子应该是什么语序呢?

但是,Which country do you think has the most English learners?这句话,如果去掉do you think,句子应该是什么样的?




Why ______________ their team could win the football match?





1) China Daily is _______ _______ a newspaper. It helps improve our English.(不仅仅)

2) His opinion ___ ______ _____his parents.(与……不同)

3) Anne has grown _________ crazy about everything to do with nature.(非常)

4) You may push this button to call the ______________(电梯)

5) They have increased the price of _______________(汽油).

6) Air is a mixture of several ______________(气体).

7) President Hu made an __________(官方的) visit to Tokyo in March.

8) It will cost four yuan to go through this city _____ ______. (乘电梯)

9) There is ______ ______ one answer to your question. (不止一个)





1 ) Is the news ___________?

A official B office C officially

2) _____ you have seen both fighters,____ will win?

A since, do you think who B As, who you think

C When, whoever D Since, who you think

3)They are quite different ____ their tastes.

A. from B. than C. in D. on

4) Do you know that there is ____ kind of English?

A. more B. more than C. more than one

5) –How shall we go to the movies?


I came; I saw; I conquered.

--_____ by underground?

A. Why not to go B. Why not go C. Why not going D. Why don’t go

6) –I usually go there by train.

--Why not _____ by boat for a change(换一换)?

A. to try going B. trying to go C. to try to go D. try going

(温馨提示:此句还可以说:7)Your method is ____ mine.

A. no different in B. not different with C. not different from D. no different from

8) He’s ____ happy to hear the good news that he has been admitted to Beijing University.

A. more than B. more C. very much D. a lot of

本节知识串串烧(记忆宝典及运用,如果只能说出划线重点,算你及格,如果可以说出整段话,那才是星级表现哦): 今天,我非常高兴,因为我学到了不止一个新词哦,我还知道,美国英语中的汽油和英国英语中的汽油在读音和拼写方面都不一样,另外,还有很多国家把英语当作官方语言呢。你认为有哪些国家说英语?如果不知道,何不向老师求助呢?然后,我们乘电梯下楼,再乘地铁去看电影吧!


第二课时reading(part I 整体把握及para1-para2)



我们必须了解并运用at the end of, because, because of, many other countries. …than ever before, even if, Would you like to do…


新词准备:1. voyage 2. conquer 3. because of

4. come up 5. apartment

短语部分: th century, about five to seven million people spoke English. Nearly all of conquer ’t speak the same kind of English. Look at this example:

British Betty: Would you like to see my flat?

American Amy: Yes. I’d like to come up to your apartment.

I Skimming

1. Choose the main idea of the text.__________

A. How to learn English well

B. The brief history of modern English

C. The way to England

D. The difference between modern English and old English

2. What’s the main idea of each paragraph of the passage?

3. In what order is the passage developed?



I came; I saw; I conquered.



翻译:at the end of 在___________


There is a bookshop at the end of the road.

At the end of the year, a war took place between the two countries.

The work on the building will be started at the end of next year.

1)at the end of 既可以表示时间,又可以表示地点吗?


扩展:We were thinking about going to Switzerland, but in the end we went to Austria.

in the end 最后,终于 by the end of 到……为止,截止到 常用过去完成时或将来完成时


____________________ 最后,终于

_____________________到……为止,截止到, 常用的时态是__________________________ 运用:(1)We had learned 12 units ______ last week.

A at the end of B in the end of C by the end of D from the end of

(2)They all worked hard, and ___ they passed the test.

A by the end B in the end C at the end D since the end


He’s at the end of his patience. 他已经忍耐到了极限。

bring …to an end使终止 come to an end 完毕,结束 put an end to=put …to an end 终结,使结束 world…在下一个世纪晚期,英国人航海去征服世界其他地区……


Columbus succeeded in making a voyage to America in 1492.哥伦布于1492年成功地航行至美洲。 思考:voyage可以表示在什么地方的旅行呢?

翻译:voyage n. ________ make a voyage ________;on the voyage home________

扩展:voyage, journey, tour, travel和trip

voyage 多指航海,航空


We’ll make a journey to Beijing by train.我们将乘火车到北京。


He made a tour of Shanghai last week.上周他游览了上海。


We had eight days’ travel by car.我们乘车游历了八天。


He will take a weekend trip to the seaside.他周末将去海边旅行。

3 ………因为那个原因,英语开始在许多别的国家使用起来了。

研究:We had made such great progress because of your help.由于你的帮助,我们取得了这么大进步。 我很担心,因为玛丽迟到了。 4

I came; I saw; I conquered.

因为你的关心, 我发现生活充满了希望。





1. We can't go to Julia's party we are going away that weekend.

2. The train was delayed 仿写:因为我努力学习,最终我成功了!哈哈……


Because of________________________________________________________________

(高手会,一般人可不要看了哦)because of的同义词短语

due to由于, thanks to多亏,由于 owing to由于;

4. Today, more people speak English as their first, second or a foreign

学习:“比以往任何时候更” than ever before可看作是than they ever speak English before 的省略形式。 在比较级结构中,副词 ever 与比较级和最高级连用,用来加强语气。如:

研究:You’ll speak English much better than ever before. 仿写:我要比以往任何时候都要更努力学习。 5’t speak the same kind of English.


They are native people.

XingTai is my native place.

I must return to my native land.

Chinese is my native language.



The giant panda is native to China. 这句又是何意?_________________________

这话还可以这样说:The panda is a native of West China. 这句的native词性不同了吧?成了___词。 高手过招:

native language a native speaker of English

a native person in Nangong my native land/country

native rights native beauty


母语,本族语; 以英语为母语的人; 土生土长的南宫人; 祖国; 天赋权利;朴素之美

2)再来拿下even if.

句中even if(=even though)是连词词组,用来引导______状语从句,意为“_____________”。

翻译:We have decided to visit the museum even if/even though it rains tomorrow.


Even if it rains tomorrow, we will leave for Beijing.


观察:若从句都表示将来的情况,even if从句可用____________代替将来时。




I came; I saw; I conquered.

(1) We won’t give up ______ we should fail 10 times.

A even if B since C whether D until



6 I’我想到你的公寓(flat)坐坐。

come up此处表示______


---- Two cups of coffee, please.

---- Coming up.

A child came up to me and showed me the way to the station.

The sun comes up in the east.

New shoots of bamboo will come up from around the roots of the old ones.

Your question came up at the meeting.

We’ll let you know if anything comes up.



come across(偶然)遇见 come out出现;出版 come about发生

come up with想到/找到(答案) come along进展,好转,跟随,跟着 come to达到,谈到 运用: come短语,各展神通:

1. A young girl ________________ me and asked for money.

2. He an effective way to solve the problem.

3 They ___________ an old friend in the street this morning.

4 The book Anne’s Diary or The Diary of a Young Girl __________ after the young girl died. 当堂训练:

1 ___________(实际上), it was based more on German than present English.

2 The Titanic went under on its first ____________(航行).

3 His _________ (本民族的)language is not English but Chinese, though he speaks English fluently.

4. 分享老师喜欢的一句话:公元前47年,恺撒大帝率军进入小亚细亚的吉拉城,只用了5天的时间就平定了庞培部下本都王子帕尔纳凯斯的叛乱。欣喜的凯撒给罗马友人报捷时只用了3个拉丁语单词,用英文表示即为:

I came, I saw, I _______,我来了,我看见了,我征服了。

5.用because of, even if, than ever before翻译以下句子:

因为下大雨,他不来踢足球了。_________________________________________________ 即使明天下雨,我也要踢足球。_________________________________________________ 我相信,不久就会把足球踢得比以前更好。_______________________________________ 课后作业:

1 He walked slowly ____ his bad leg. A because B because of C so D as if 2 By the end of last year, another new railway _________ in Beijing.

A would be completed B was being completed C has been completed D had been completed

3 She understood what I was talking about, __________ it was the first time we had spoken together.

A whether B even though C as though D since

4 They______ a new plan for pushing sales (促销



I came; I saw; I conquered.

A. come up to B. come up with C. come over D. come around

5 He bought a ship and was going to make a ______ round the world.

A. trip B travel C voyage D journey

6 We made five different plans for the holiday, but _____ the end we had a summer camp again.

A by B in C at D to


今天,老师跟你分享一个校友的故事哦。 你们有一个校友叫小瑞,他是一个土生土长的南宫人。高一结束的时候,他下决心要读一所军校(a military university). (hold on to)去过很多其他的国家,并参加了国庆大阅兵(National Day Military parade)。我相信,他一定会比以往任何时候都更加努力。


I’m more than happy today because I have learned more than one new word. I have also learned that (qiyou in American English)gasoline and(qiyou in British English)petrol are different both in pronunciation and spelling. Besides, many countries speak English as an official language. Which countries do you think speak English? If you don’t know that, why not ask your teacher for help? And then, let’s go downstairs by elevator/lift and go to the pictures/movies by Underground.


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