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1. They are writing a card.

2. We usually send cards or flowers to our teachers.

3. They are cleaning the floor in the classroom.

4. What is Tom doing?

5. Let’s go and see.

6. The teachers’ office is on the first floor.

7. This is the teaching building.

8. The music room and the library are on the ground


9. Where is the art room?

10. It’s a tall building.

11. Is the computer room over there?

12. My mother is coming home.

13. Do the dishes, please.

14. There are two bedrooms, one study, and one

kitchen in my home.

15. I play computer games in my study.

16. May I go to the park?

17. What would you like to do?

18. I would like to watch TV.

19. May I turn off the light?

20. There will be a ball in the palace.

21. What a nice school!

22. What would you like to drink?

23. May I have a look at this dress?

24. I would like some bread.

25. It’s beside the art room.

26. Some apples are on the plate.

27. The study is opposite the bedroom. / The

bedroom is opposite the study.

28. There are seven goldfish in the tank.

29. My father puts green plants in the water.

30. What class are you in?

31. I can’t find my classroom.

32. We are waiting for a classmate.

33. He is drawing a picture.

34. What is this in English?

35. How nice they look.

36. Santa Claus comes down the chimney and puts

presents in the stockings.

37. They are made of pumpkins.

38. It always follows the witch.

39. Is this a tomato?

40. Don’t be afraid of devils and ghosts.

41. Halloween is a very old festival.

42. Summer, you drank too much.

43. I have maths on Friday.

44. She will go to the ball.

45. We send carnations on Mother’s Day.

46. My full name is Sam Smith.

47. They are called Jake-o’-lanterns.

48. Here is an e-mail about Teacher’s Day.

49. Please tell me something about your

Mid-autumn Festival.

50. Thanks for your e-mail.

51. The moon cakes are round.

52. His birthday is on Sunday.

53. It’s very kind of you.

54. What a pretty Christmas tree!

55. Today Halloween is a festival of fun.

56. Children dress up as witches and ghosts.

57. We eat moon cakes and tell the story of


58. These are not pumpkins.

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