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新版小学英语四年级下册Unit12 The ugly duckling

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The ugly duckling

It is sunny and warm. Mother Duck is near the river.

She has three eggs. They are small.

Look! Now there are three small eggs and a big egg.

Mother Duck sits on the eggs.

Three eggs open. The ducklings are small and yellow.
Oh, my lovely babies! I love you!

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The big egg opens later. The duckling is big and grey. He is ugly.

Quack! Quack!
Mother Duck swims. The three yellow ducklings sit on her back. The ugly duckling swims behind them.

The three yellow ducklings play together. They are happy.

The ugly duckling is sad. He swims away.

In winter, it is cold. The ugly duckling has no home.

Hello! Come and play.
I’m an ugly duckling. No! You’re a beautiful swan.

It is spring again. The ugly duckling is in the grass. He sees two big swans.

Yes! I’m a beautiful swan.

The ugly duckling looks into the water. He is a beautiful swan!

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