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2012年3月六年级英语试题B卷 温馨提示: 亲爱的同学们,一年之际在于春。相信你春节过后学习也一定会有大的收获!试试看吧。沉着动笔,认真答题,祝你成功!书写认真、规范、工整,卷面整洁得5分。 一、根据文字提示,完成句子:(14分) 1. It’s going to Shanghai. (温暖的) 2. It’s going Tibet (晴朗的) 3. It’s going Dalian. ( 有风的) 4. It’s going Haikou. (炎热的) 5. It’s going Beijing. (寒冷的) 6. It’s going Shenyang. (下雪 ) 7. It’s going Guangzhou. (下雨 ) 二、写出下列单词的现在分词:(18分) 1. have 2. 3. shine 4. sing 5. 6. 三、英汉短语互译:(10分)

1. talk about


2. make a snowman

3. 在树下4. 在水里 5. 看起来很好


1. A cup of water for me please

2. 他想喝杯茶

3. Let’s go under that tree.

4. I had a very funny day on Sunday. 5. They are watching TV now.

6. 很快就要下雪啦。

7. 你明天打算干什么?


8. The sun is shining?

五、补全对话,把正确答案的序号填在横线上。(15分) May I come in?

_____ oh, lingling! Welcome to my home.

Happy birthday, Daming.______

_______ What is in it?

Oh it is a beautiful picture._____ Thank you.

A. I like it very much . B. This present is for you.

C. Open it and look. D. Come in, please. E. Thank you.

五、阅读理解。正确的写T,错误的写F. (20分)

Hi, my name is Lili. I am Chinese, but now I am living in England. I speak English very well. But sometimes I make mistakes with English. Last Sunday, we went to visit a farm. I was very happy. I told my friends I wanted to see a ship. Everyone looked surprised and I didn’t knew why. My teacher 3

said: Lili we are going to a farm, not to a lake or a sea. There are no ships on the farm. Then I knew my mistake. I wanted to say “ sheep’’ not” ship’’.

1) Lili is now living China. ( )

2) Lili made a mistake.

3) Lili went to the sea.

4) There were ships on the farm.

5) Lili wanted to say “sheep’’.

4 ( ) ( ) ( ) ) (

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