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六年级英语测试卷 听力部分 (40分)

一 、选择你所听到的单词,并将答案写入题前括号内。(10分) ( )1、A、sound B、shine C、Sunday D、sun ( )2、A、mess B、miss C、meat D、as ( )3、A、ball B、baseball C、balloon D、box ( )4、A、saw B、drank C、flew D、eat ( )5、A、card B、cola C、cent D、cup 二、找出你所听到的句子,将选项填入括号内。(10分) ( )1、A、I can carry them all. B、I can’t carry them all. C、I can’t help you. ( )2、 A、The apples are falling down the stairs. B、The apples are on the stairs. C、The apples are under the stairs. ( )3、 A、It’s going to snow on Thursday. B、It’s going to rain on Thursday. C、It’s going to rain on Tuesday. ( )4、A、My newspaper is flying away. B、My balloons is flying away. C、My kite is flying away. ( )5、 A、She spent about twenty hours in space.


B、She spent about twenty-one hours in space.

C、He spent about twenty-one hours in space.


( ) ( ) ( )

( ) ( )


( )1、A、Sorry, I can’t.

B、I can carry them.

( )2、 A、They are playing football.

B、He is swimming.

( )3、 A、I went to the zoo.

B、It’s twelve o’clock.

( )4、 A、I’m eating a hot dog.

B、I’m happy.

( )5、 A、I’m going to have a picnic.

B、I go to a park.


笔试部分 (60分)

一、 选择不同类的单词。(10分)

( )1、A、flew B、become C、became D、came ( )2、A、son B、thin C、father D、mother ( )3、A、pilot B、teacher C、doctor D、man ( )4、A、careful B、proud C、noisy D、shine ( )5、A、cola B、milk C、hot dog D、juice

二、 单项选择。(10分)

( )1、I can’t_____ them all.

A、carrying B、carry C、carried ( )2、The apples are ____down the stairs.

A、 falling B、fell C、falls

( ) 3、She could ____the flute when she was five.

A、plays B、play C、played

( )4、Russia ___the first animal _____snow space.

A、sent, into B、sent, in C、stends,into

( )5、Some friends come in,Simon’s dog _____,too.

A、come in B、comes in C、coming in

( )6、She’s watching TV, ____the doorbell is ringing.

A、and B、for C、but

( )7、This spaceship ______a man into space.

A、 bought B、gave C、took

( )8、I bought a book____you,Sam.


A、for B、to C、give

( )9、He ____ a video and now he is very famous.

A、 make B、buy C、made

( )10、______ a little boy, he could dance.

A、at B、At C、As


1、The balloons are f________away. (飞走了)

2、He’s playing the t________.(小号)

3、Zhengzhou f_____ into space.(飞入)

4、Yang Liwei spent about 21 h_____(小时) in space.

5、First he became a p_____.(飞行员)

6.I want a ______(汉堡), please.

7、Why are you _____(笑)?

8、He is going to _____(学习) History.

9、It’s a ____(杯子) for me.

10、It’s thirteen _____(美元).

四、连词成句(注意字母及所用标点). (10分)

1. are why you laughing


2. back in China Daming with family his ______________________________

3. bought I you this book.



4. are we to going Chinese speak.


5. miss I you will



1、It’s going to snow in Harbin.


2、As a small child, she became blind and deaf.


3、He’s riding his bike, but it’s starting to rain.


4、He spent about twenty—one hours in space.


5、What are you going to study?

_________________________ ?



How are you? I have a good time at the weekend.(周末). Now look at the photos.In the first(第一) photo, I’m in the zoo. It’s shining. I’m looking at some animals. In the second(第二) photo, I’m in the park. We are having a picnic. In the third(第 5

三) photo, I’m at the supermarket. I’m buying things. In the forth (第四)photo, I’m in the library. I’m looking for a book. I miss everyone in China. Please write From Daming.

( ) 1. This letter is from ______.

A 、Daming B、Lingling C、 Simon

( ) 2.In the first photo, it’s ______.

A 、snowing B 、shinging C、 raining

( ) 3. In the second photo, Daming is ______.

A in the park B at the zoo C at home

( ) 4. In the third photo, Daming is _____.

A buying things B eating Clooking

( ) 5. In the forth photo, Daming is ______.

A under the tree B in the library C at the supermarket soon. 6

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