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1.我想要给你们的妈妈买一件连衣裙。 2.我想要给我妻子买一个手表。 3.我准备去购物中心。 4.你们想要跟我一起去吗? 5.我将给她拍一张照片。 6.她高兴看到我笑。 7.所以当5月母亲节到来时我会快乐的。 8.黄色的那件比蓝色的那件好看。 9.绿色的那个手提包比红色的那个小。 10.鲍勃将照顾他的母亲。

1.I want to buy your mom a dress. 2.I want to buy a watch for my wife. 3.I’m going to the shopping center. 4.Do you want to come with me? 5.I’ll take a photo of her. 6.She’s happy to see me laughing. 7.So I’ll be merry when Mother’s Day comes in May. 8.The yellow one is nicer than the blue one. 9.The green handbag is smaller than the red one. 10.Bob will take care of his mother.

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