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1.她想当一名空姐。 2.她喜欢这份工作,因为她喜欢在天上飞。 3.空姐可以帮助人,使得旅行美好、愉快。 4.空姐得长时间工作。 5.假期的时候她能去不同的地方。 6.她能帮助她的学生学习。 7.他能为人们煮美味食品。 8.他能使人变得健壮。 9.他能把人们带到不同的地方。 10.他驾驶飞机。

1.She wants to be an airhostess. 2.She likes the job because she likes flying in the sky. 3.An airhostess can help people and make the trip nice and happy. 4.An airhostess has to work long hours. 5.She can visit different places when she is on holiday.

6.She can help her students learn. 7.He can cook delicious food for people. 8.He can make people strong and healthy. 9.He can take people to different places. 10.He flies a plane.

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