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五年级下学期 英语质量监测试题

听 力 材 料

Units 1-2(一)


1.noon 2. eat breakfast 3.I like winter best. 4. sometimes. 5. season. 6.fly kites.

7.I can swim.8. play sports. 9.It’s sunny and hot in summer. 10.I can plant trees in spring.


1.They often climb mountains on the weekend.

2.We have math classes at 9:00 in the morning..

3.I go to bed at 9:30 in the evening.

4.I do morning exercises at 8:30.

5.I like summer best ,because I can swim in the sea.


1.I get up at 6:30.

2. When do you eat dinner?

3.I often go hiking on the weekend.

4. Which season do you like best?.

5. Why do you like winter?.


1. What’s the weather like in fall?.

2. When do you have English class?.

3. What’s your favourite season ,Mike? .

4. Why do you like summer?

5. Which season do you like best?

Unit 3-期中 (二)


1.breakfast .2. April 3. first 4. I like summer best. 5. weekend. 6. It’s September 10th . 7. I eat dinner at 6:30p.m. 8. birthday 9. National Day. 10. My birthday is in July.


1. I often play the piano on the weekend.

2. We fly kites in spring.

3. Teachers’ Day is September 10th.

5. They can do housework.


1.My birthday is March 12th.

2. He can make a snowman in winter.

3. When do you get up ?

4. Is her birthday in June?

5. I have computer lessons at 8:30a.m.


1. What’s the date today?

2.What can you do in winter?

3. Does she have a computer?

4. What are you doing ?.

5. When is Teachers’Day? 4. We do morning exercises at 8:30a.m. .

Units 4-5 (三)


1.fall 2.swinging 3. cook 4. speak 5. draw 6. flying 7. fight

8. go hiking 9.doing the dishes 10.doing homework.


1.The two birds are flying in the sky.

2.The monkeys are swinging .

3. The fish is swimming in the lake .

4. The bears are sleeping .

5. The mother elephant and her baby are drinking water with their trunks.


1.What a big nature park !

2.Can you see any animals ?

3.Uncle Li is reading the storybooks.

4.Zhang Peng is climbing trees with Mike.

5.What about the baby giraffe?


1.What do you usually do ?

2. Can I speak to John , please ?

3. What is your sister doing now ?

4. Can the monkey swing ?

5. What are the bears doing ?



一、 听录音,选择合适的一项,将序号填在题前括号内。

1. twentieth 2.third 3.fly 4.quiet 5.grass 6.twelve ten

7. 5324343 8.reading a report 9.play 10.swinging


1. They’re playing chess.

2. He’s watching insects.

3. She’s reading books.

4. Zhang Peng is taking pictures.

5. Mike is flying kites with his friend.


1. Are you eating lunch?

2. What’s she doing ?

3. Are they fighting ?

4. Where’s the monkey?

5. What’s your mother doing?


1. Are you cooking ? No, I’m not.

2. Is she watching insects ?Yes, she is.

3. Where is Zhang Peng ? He’s in the woods.

4. What are they doing? They’re fighting.

5. Look, she’s taking pictures.




1.winter 2.wood 3.when 4.fat 5.shirt

6.second 7.walk 8.swimmimg 9.carrots 10.June


1. I can plant trees in spring.

2. --What are the elephants doing?--- They’re drinking water.

3.-- What is your mother doing? --- She is cooking dinner.

4. --- What is the girl doing?--- She’s listening to music.

5. Sarah is answering the phone.


1. When do you eat breakfast?

2. Are you eating lunch?

3. What are Mike and Zhang Peng doing?

4. Which season do you like best?

5. What do you do on the weekend?

四、听录音,填入所缺的单词或短语。 4. Look at the elephant. It’s 5. ---What is Liu Yun doing? --- She’s

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