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一、.补全下列单词,并写出其汉语意思(12分) ( )1、s nd ( )2、flo er A.speak B. spell C. speaking

( )3.Where _____ they?

A. are B. is C. does ( )4.September tenth is .

A. Teacher Day B. Teachers’ Day C. Teacher’s Day ( )5. Shall we ______ snowballs? Good idea! ( )3、c ll ( )4、tele hone ( )5、sees w ( )6、ind 二、读一读,补全下列短语。(22分) 1、 a telephone(使用电话) 2、______ Day?(教师节) 3、Good _____ (好注意) 4、______ you.(再见) 5、do some_________(洗衣服) 6、________ a present (送礼物) 7、____ a moment(稍等下) 8 . the tree(在树下) 9 . IP card(一张电话卡) 10.Is Marry (玛丽在吗?) 11.On the (在秋千上) 三、选择最佳答案。(30分)

( )1. Let’s_______ a present to Li Ning. A. send B.sending C. sends ( )2.May I to Bill ,please?

)6.What’s the ______ today? It’s November third. )7.What_______some beautiful aflowers? A. on B. are C. about

)8.Would you like to go skating with me? I’d love to, ______ I must do my homework. A. but B. and C. or

)9.I have ________ IP card. )10.May I ____in. )11.He wants to _____”Happy Birthday”to his brother )12. May I _______ your telephone? )13. _____calling? This is Wangnan. ’s B.Who C. Who’re )14. Jill wants to _____TV.

A. threw B. throwing C. throw

( A. weather B. date C. time

((( A.an B. a C. the ( A.coming B.come C. came

( A. speak B. say C. tell ( A. use B. uses C. using ( A. Who( A.watch B. wacthing C. watched

( )15.I have two pens,One is blue,_____ is red.

A. one B.another C. the other

四、给问句选择答语(16分) ( )1.Is that Linda speaking? ( )2. May I use your watch? ( )3. What’s your name

( )4. May I speak to LiShan,please? ( )5. May I come in? ( )6. Thank you? ( )7.Where are they?

( )8.Are there any children in the park? A. That’s OK. B. Sure

C. This is LiShan. D. Yes,please.

E. No, this is Helen. F.Yes

G. My name is Helen. H. They are over there,on the swings.


1、当你想用一下对方的电话时,你应该说:( )

A、 I want to use your telephone。 B、May I use your telephone? C、Can I call up a telephone?2、当你打电话想找Helen接电话时,你应该说:( )

A、May I speak to Helen ,please ?B、This is Helen speaking。C、Is that Helen speaking?

3. 当有人打电话找Linda时,你告诉他\她Linda不在时,你应该说:( ) A、Sorry,she is not in now.B、This isn’t Linda,Just a moment. C、Hold on,please

4当你想问对方是否愿意和你一起去购物时,你应该说:( ) A、I want to do some shopping with me? B、Would you like to do some shopping with me?

C 、Can I go shopping with me?



2.ZhaoYu speaking.Miss White is ill in bed Let’s go to see her tomorrow afternoon. 3.OK.Shall we send her some flower? 4.See you

5. Good idea!See you tomorrow 6.Yes。Who’s that?

7、Hello!Is that Linda speaking?

The right order:_____ _____ ______ ______ ______ 七、 (阅读短文,选择最佳答案)(10分)

Jim is eleven. He comes from London. He usually goes to school by subway. He is a baseball player. After schoo, he usually plays baseball. His father is a teacher. He goes to work early and gets back home late. He usually goes to work by bus. Sometimes he goes by bike. Jim and his father go to the park every weekend.

( ) 1.Jim is _______.

A. 11 B. 7

( ) 2. Jim is an ______boy. A. American B. English ( ) 3. Jim often plays _______.

A. Baseball B. basketball

( ) 4. Jim's father works in a _______

A. hospital B. school

( ) 5. Jim's father _______early and gets back home late. A. goes to hospital B. goes to work

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