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卷首语:考试是自我检验的机会,是让你发现自己的弱点的提示板。 Ⅰ、英汉互译 (20分)

画画__________ 绿色____________ Wednesday_________ have lunch ________ make a present_________ begin ________ sorry_________ Thursday_________

交通灯_________做家庭作业_________________ Ⅱ、按要求变换词性 (20分)

1、get(过去式)_________ 2、go(反义词) ________ 3、policeman(对应词)_____ 4、she宾格)__________ 5、cry(现在分词)_________ 6、can’t(完整形式)_______ 7、have(现在分词)________ 8、I am(现在分词)________ 9、let us(缩写形式)______ 10、come(现在分词)__________ Ⅲ、选择题 (30分)

1、( ) Let me________ .you A. helping B. help C. helps 2、 ( ) What are you ________ now? A. do B. did C. doing 3、 ( )─What day is today ?


A. three o’clock B. Thursday C. rainy 4、( ) They often play ______in PE class. A. the ping–pong B. ping pong C. ping-pong 5、( )He is _______the radio now.

A. listening to B. listen to C. listening 6、( )Don’t read________ bed. A. at B. in C. to

7、( )The light is red and you must________. A. stop B. wait C. go 8、( )─_________is your dress? ─Blue.

A. What colour B. What time C. go 9、( )We play games _______Monday. A. is B. at C. on

10、( )Hurry______! The bus is leaving. A. up B. to C. on

11、He is ______ a present for his mother. A. make B. making C. makeing 12、I get up_______ six thirty. A. in B. at C. on

13、( ) You _______tired.

A. look B. looks C. look at 14、( )My favourite ________is art. A. food B. colour C. subject

15、( ) The light is green and you can ______ A. stop B. cross C. on foot Ⅳ、用所给单词组句(10分)

1.What your favourite colour is (?) _______________________________. 2. It’s go to time school to (.) _______________________________. 3.mending I’m the desks chairs and (.) _______________________________. 4.have breakfast I at seven thirty (.) _______________________________. 5.We at science learn school (.) _______________________________. Ⅴ、句型转换(15分)

1. Read in bed .(变成否定句)

_______ _______ ________ _______. 2.到吃早餐的时候了。

It’s _______ to _______ _______. 3. Do you like English? (作否定回答) _______, ________ _________. 4、We are late for school.(变为一般疑问句) _______________________________. 5. What time is it? (变为同义句)

_______________________________. Ⅵ、请制定出你的作息计划(5分)

My plan


________________________________________. .




参考答案:一.1.draw a picture 2.green 3.星期三.4.吃早餐.5.做礼物.

6.开始.7.对不起.8.星期四.9.traffic lights.10,do the


二.1.get 2.come 3.policewoman.4.her 5crying 6.can not7.having

8. I’m.9. Let’s.10.coming.

三.1B 2C 3B 4A 5A 6B 7A 8A 9C 10A 11B 12B 13C 14C 15B 四.1 What is your favourite colour ?

2 It’s time to go to school

3 I’m mending the desks and chairs

4 I have breakfast at seven thirty

5 We learn science at school

五.1,Don’t read in bed 2,time have breakfast

3,No,I don’t 4,Why are you late for school? 5,What’s the time?

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