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( ) 1 Mike was 40 kg when he ________10 years old.

A be B has C was D is

( ) 2 ________did you weigh when you were two years old ?

I ________ 11 kg.

A how many weighed B how many weighed

C how much weighed D how much weighed

( ) 3 He can’t _______ a word.

A spoke B speaks C speak D speaking

( ) 4My friend asked me _________ him.

A help B helped C to help D helps

( ) 5After watching too __________TV , my eyes don’t feel well .

A many B much C few D little

( ) 6 On Sundays , Tibe usually plays _________ piano at home.

A a B an C the D /

( )7 _________ do you read a story in English?

We read one in every English ?

A How often B How long C How many D How much

( )8 _________are you going to do this Sunday ?

Have dinner with my friend .

A Where B How C What D Who

( )9 Let me show you _______make a kite.

A how to B how C what to D what

( )10 Don’t ________ at night .It’s dangerous .

A went out B go out C to go out D going out

( )11 Linda often helps her mother ________the housework on weekends.

A with B to C of D for

( )12 Thank you for _________ me with my English .

A help B helps C to help D helping

( )13 When Billy found his bike that he lost yesterday , he was ________.

A sad B angry C happy D worried

( )14 Let _________tell _________a story

A my you B me your C me you D myself yourself

( )15 Mum , I am hungry.

What about going to KFC’s ________ some chicken

A eat B to eat C eating D to eating

( )16 How _________you feeling ?

A is B are C do D does

( )17 We’d better ________at home and do our homework.

A stay B stays C staying D to stay

( )18 There are so many _________ in the supermarket

A food B milk C vegetable D people

( )19 I’m feeling _________ better now .

A so B too C very D much

( )20 There is a bridge _________the river.

A on B in C over D under

( )21 Look! They are ________ kites in the park .

A fly B flies C flying D taking

( )22 __________ this your bike ?

No it isn’t

A Is B Are C Does D Do

( )23 __________ favorite color is blue.

A I B My C Me D Mine

( )24 My brother often takes me ________ the library.

A at B in C to D for

( )25 Tom ______ his homework every day.

A do B does C doing D has

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