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( )1.A .bus B.bike C.subway D.train

( )2.A. north B. south C.east D.west

( )3.A.morning B.afternoon C.evening D.tonight

( )4.A.actor B.artist C.singer D.cleaner

( )5.A.vapour B.rain C.cloud D.stream

二、请从打乱顺序的答句当中将能回答每个问句的答句字母标号填入括号内。(10分) ( )1.A.I’m going to the hospital.

( )2.B.No,she teaches Chinese.

( )3.C.It comes from the rain

( )4.D.She works in a car factory..

( )5.E.he is an actor.

三、下面你将听到五组对话,每组读两遍,根据听到的内容选择正确的选项。(10分) ( )1.A.Yes she does. B.No. she doesn’t.

( )2.A.To the bookstore B.To the hospital

( )3.A.he likes playing the violin.

B.she likes collecting stamps.

( )4.A.My mother is an artist. B.My mother is an actress. ( )5.A.He is going to the shop. B.He is going to plant seeds.

四、听短文判断正误,与录音内容一致的写“T”不一致的写“F”。(10分) ( )1.The sun shines , the rain falls down into a lake. ( )2.The water can become vapour.

( )3.The cloud comes from the vapour.

( )4.“I”come from the clouds.

( )5.It’s very hot today.




1、请选出各小题中不属于一类的词,并将字母标号填在括号(5分) ( )1. A、bike B.subway C.stop D.plane

( )2.A.north B.south C.east D.buy

( )3.A.play B.watch C.find D.post office ( )4.A、actor B.singer C.traffic D.writer

( )5.A.rain B.cloud C.stream D.bike


1.take(过去式)____________ 2.do(过去式)_________

3.smaller(反义词)__________ 4.sad(反义词)___________


7.tomato(复数形式)___________ 8.发烧______________

9.看书______________ 10.乘火车______________

二、单项选择,请将正确选项字母标号填写在题前括号内。(10分) ( )1.How _____ he go to the park ?

A. is B. does C. do

( )2. Frist,____ the seeds in the soil.

A.go B. put C. get

( )3.------_____ is the cinema?

------It’s next to the post office.

A. When B. Where C. What

( )4.What are you going to do ______Sunday?

A. on B. at C. in

( )5.Walk straight _______ 3 minutes.

A. for B. at C. with

( )6.Where does the ____come from ? It comes from the clouds.

A. rain B. sun C. cloud

( )7.What _____ she like to do?

A. do B. does C. is

( )8.Chen Jie likes ____ a bike.

A. ride B. riding C. rides

( )9.Amy is a teacher, she _____ English.

A. teach B. teaches C. teacher

( )10.An actor is usually a _____.

A. man B. woman C. police


( )1.What does your father do ? A. To be policeman. 2

( )2.What are you going to do? B. I’m going to the park. ( )3.Where are you going? C. She works in a car company. ( )4.where does the cloud come from? D. He’s an artist.

( )5、Where does she work? E. Vapour.

四、下面是一组打乱顺序的对话,请你将正确的排序写在括号内。(10分) ( )Plant trees?

( )That’s great!

( )What are you going to do this weekend?

( )Yes. I need some plants. So I’m going to buy a magazine about plants. ( )I’m going to plant trees.


How does he go to work ? (subway)

_______________________________ .

What does he do ? (actor)

_____________ .

Excuse me , where is the library ? (post office ,next to )

________________________________________ .

Where are you going this weekend ? (the Great Wall )

__________________________________________ .

What’s your hobby? (bike)

__________________________ .


My name is Tim. Tomorrow is the weekend. We have no classes. My parents aren’t going to work, but we are going to have a busy day. My mother is going to buy something for next week. My father is going to visit my aunt and uncle. I’m going to play ping-pong with my cousin. Tomorrow evening we are going to have a big dinner. After that we are going to the cinema. I think we are going to have a nice weekend.

(1) What day is it tomorrow?


(2) What’s his mother going to do?

She is going to ________________________________

(3) What is Tim going to do?

He’s going to ___________________________________.

(4)判断I think ,we’ll very happy tomorrow. ( )

(5)We have no classes .意思是__________________________

七、读一读Alan 的个人情况,用英语完成Alan的个人信息。(5分) 3

Alan Brown is an Australian boy . He is twelve years old . He lives at

69 Park Road , Sydney with his parents .Art and music are his

favourite subjects . In his spare time , he likes playing the violin and

doing sports.

Name:___________ Age(年龄) :__________


Nationality(国籍): ______ ________

Favourite subjects(最喜欢的科目): __________________________________ Hobby:_______________________________________________





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