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姓名 班级 分数



( )1.A.fall B.spring C.snow D.winter ( )2.A.cloud B.wind C.sun D.ice ( )3.A.thought B.taught C.bought D.think ( )4.A.my B.mine C.yours D.your ( )5.A.make B.take C.cake D.wake ( )6.A.week B.weak C.wake D.walk ( )7.A.flowers B.grass C.leaves D.clouds ( )8.A.catch B.teach C.throw D.learn ( )9.A.there B.their C.here D.where ( )10.A.put on B.take off C.learn D.think 二.听句子,从下列图片中选出与所听内容相符的选项。(10分)

( )1.A.











( )1.By plane ( )6.A docter,I think ( )2.OK ( )7.It’s a TV. ( )3.It’s eight-three. ( )8.The red one. ( )4.It’s nice,but I like that green one. ( )9.Ten

( )5They’re hers. ( )10.Yes,please.


四.找出下列画线部分发音与所给词相同的单词写序号。(5分) ( )1.cat A.what B.map C.name


( ( ( A.pencil ( 五.选择填空(15分) ( )1.Is it time____home?

A. to go B.to go to C.go D.go to ( )2.Here’s a card _____Zhang Bing. A. of B.at C.for D.in

( )3.Who’s the boy_________the red dress? A. with B.in C.wear D.on

( )4.Is Miss Fang hungry?No,she’s _________. A. thin B.hungry C.thirsty D.fine

( )5._______apple do you want,the big one or the small one? A. What B.Which C.Whose D.When ( )6.Please do your homework by_______. A. yourself B.you C.yours D.your

( )7.I’m so poor.There is_______money in my pocket. A. Little B.a little C.much D.many

( )8.Where are you?I’m ________the classroom. A.In B.on C.under D.to ( )9.August has_______.

A.thirty B.thirty-one C.thirty-first D.twenty-nine ( )10.Are you________now?

A.siting B.sit C.sitting D.to sit 六.用括号内所给词的正确形式填空。(10分) 1. There are five___________(dish) on the table. 2. She can__________(ski)on the snow.

3. There_______________(be)some lights on the tree.

4. Please__________(not open)the window.It’s windy now. 5. The monkey _______________(skate)now.

6. His father_____________(cook)meat and vegatables on the stove



7. Jenny usually_________(eat)a sandwish for supper. 8. Let’s__________(help)mum make lunch.

9. They will_________(take picture)with the new camera tomorrow. 10. We brush our_______(tooth)twice a day. 七.句子对对碰(15分)

1. How often do you brush your teech? a.I went to the store. 2. Merry Chirstmas. b.At 7:30 in the morning. 3. When did he eat breakfast? c.Thank you. 4. What are you going to do? d.They’re dirty.

5. Why? e.I am going to plant the tree. 6. Where did you go yesterday? f.Merry Christmas.

7. Are these dishes clean or dirty? g.I would like cereal,please. 8. What would you like for breakfast? h.Twice.

9. Where is your school? I: Because I’m cold.

10. Your skirt is beautiful! j:It’s next to the cinema. 八.连词成句(10分)

1.bigger yours heavier my bag is and than

2.took picture climbed a mountain our holiday on we and

3.a classroom what beautiful

4.a park went by bike she to

5.Mike piano to is the play going


Sarah and Her Sister

Sarah has four sisters.They are Betty,Mary,Rose and Ann.Sarah is the oldest of the five.Betty is thirteen years old.She is two years younger than Sarah and one year older than Mary,Rose is nine and Ann is


Sarah and Betty study in a middle school.Mary ,Rose ,and Ann study in a primary school.The primary school is near their home.They

C.bad 十一.根据图表信息写一段对话(5分) Peter 来自美国,他12岁,他的父母都在中国。下表是他们各自喜欢和不喜欢的食物。 要求: 1.所有信息必须用完,并发挥想象适当拓展对话。


( )1.Ann is older than Rose.

( )2.Sarah and Betty are middle school students.

( )3.Mary, Rose,and Ann often go to school by bus.

( )4.Their home is near the primary school.

( )5.There are five people in their family.


It’s a hot day.A mother crow and her two kids are flying in the sky(天空)。They are very thirsty.So mother says to her children”Let’s find some water to drink.”They find(寻找)a jar on the floor.There are some water in the jar(广口瓶)。But it’s not full(满)。 But their beaks(鸟嘴) are too short.They can’t drink the water.Little crow don’t know what to do.Mother crow looks at the jar,then she asks her children to put some stones into the jar.Oh,the jar is full now!How clever the mother is!

( )1.It’s a_________day. Acold B.warm C.hot

( )The cow are__________. A.Hungry B.thirsty C.sic

( )3.They put some_______into the jar. A.eggs B.stones


( )4.They put some_______into the jar. A .eggs B.stones


( )5.The mother crow is very________.A.Clever B.beautiful 3

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