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四Unit9 Festivals D

一. 重点词汇。

Easter复活节 the Dragon Boat Festival端午节 treat请客 trick把戏 Halloween万圣节前夕 costume衣服、服装 lantern灯笼、提灯 pumpkin南瓜 eat chocolate eggs吃巧克力蛋 Jack-o’-lantern杰克灯 watch boat races看龙舟比赛 make Christmas cards做圣诞卡片 eat rice dumplings吃粽子


1. When do you do at Easter?

2. Which is your favourite festival, Pat?

3. Why do you like it? Because we can get presents at Christmas.

4. My favourite festival is the Dragon Boat Festival.

5. Halloween is on October 31 every year.


1. What do you do at +具体节日?用来问候他人在某个节日里做什么? eg. What do you do at Easter?复活节你做什么?

2. 以why开头的疑问句用because来回答。

eg. Why do you like it ? 为什么你喜欢它?

Because we csn watch boat races at the Dragon Boat festival.


Australia / / autumn August saucepan



1.我最喜欢的节日__________ 4. eat rice dumplings _______________



2.看龙舟比赛_________ 5. visit family and friends ____________

3. 在十二月__________6. make Christmas cards ______________


( )1. _______ is Easter? It’s spring.

A. What B. When C. Where

( )2. _______ do you do at Easter? We eat chocolate eggs.

A. What B. When C. Where

( )3. What does Steven usually do in the morning?

He usually _______ his face and hands.

A. washes B. washed C. wash

( )4. Hi! What are you doing? We _______ about a football match.

A. talked B. talks C. talking

( )5. What’s the _______ like today? Cloudy.

A. sky B. air C. Weather

( )6. Someone is knocking _______the door.

A. to B. at C. in

( )7. Easter is _______ spring.

A. on B. at C. in

( )8. Halloween is _______ October 31.

A. on B. on C. in

( )9. Christmas is _______ December.

A. at B. on C. in

( )10. Come _______! Let’s dress _______ and decorate our house.

A. in; down B. on; up C. on; from




( )1.---I like Chinese New Year. How about you?


A. Me, too. B. I like summer. C. My mother does.

( ) 2.---Is Halloween your favourite festival?


A. No, I like Halloween. B. Yes, I like Easter. C. Yes, it is.

( )3. What do you do _______ your favourite festival?

A. in B. on C. at

( )4. Children are _______ “trick or treat”.

A. getting B. going C. Go


1. What animal _______ it _______ (be) for Chinese New Year 2012.

2. Remember not _____________(write) the name of your festival.

3. ______________(not come) to Australia in August.

4. We eat chocolate _____________ (egg) at this festival.


1. the, talking, favourite, children, festival, about, their, are _________________________________

2. Christmas, get, because, can, we, presents, at


3. October, go, treat, trick, we, or, in


4. do, which, best, they, festivals, like?




六.阅读理解。 In my family, there are three people, which is my mother, my father and I. My mother likes cooking, and my father likes reading. We are very happy, and play together a lot. My mother always looks after me, and my father looks after me too. I love my paren

( )1. How many people are there in my family ?

A One B Two C Three

( )2.What does my father like ? He likes ___________.

A cooking B Playing C reading

( )3.Who always looks after me ?______

A my father B my mother C my parents

( )4.Are we happy?

A Yes , I am B Yes ,we're not C Yes .we are

( )5.Do I love my parents ?

A No, I'm not B Yes ,I am C Yes ,I'm not.


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