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Revision of M123

Module 1

? A: What do you want ? ? A: How much is it ? ? B: I want a hot dog ,please. ? B: It’s thirteen dollars and twenty-five cents . in all.
I want to eat = I want a… I want to drink = I want a

? Waitress: Can I help you ? ? Amy: Yes. I

want a hamburger. todrink?

? Waitress:And

? Amy:Cola, please. ? Waitress:Here’s your food. ? Amy:Thank you.

How much is it



? Waitress:It’s five dollarsand ten cents,

in all .

? Amy: Here’s the money.
? Waitress:Thank you.

Enjoy your meal.

情景交际。从所给的选项中选择恰当的句子补全对话, 将答 案序号写在横线上。注意有多余选项。
? ? ? ? A. It’s ten dollars and twenty cents. B. Yes, I want a hamburger, please. C. How much is it? D. Enjoy your meal.

Waitress: Hello! Can I help you ? Daming: 1.______________ B Waitress: And to drink?

Daming: A cola, please.
Waitress: So,a hamburger and a cola. Daming: 3._______________ C Waitress:4.



Daming: Here’s the money.
Waitress: Thank you.5.______________ D

Module 2

I am 单数 is 复数 You are

be going to will

+ 动词原形

Simon: When are we going to eat? Mum: We’re going to eat at half past twelve.

Look. It’s going to rain soon.

When 是询问在某一时间做什么?强调的是所做的事情。 What time 单纯问现在的时间。

It’s going to be
hazy weather


sunny windy rainy cloudy snowy hazy hot /cold warm/cool


It’s going to

rain wind snow


? 1. Tomorrow it’s going to



A. sunny
A. be rain

B. be sunny

? 2. It’s going to



B .rain

3.It’s going to ____ A tomorrow, don’t forget to wear coat and gloves A. snow A. hot B. rain

A . I want an ice cream 4.It’s very ____

5.It’s going to____soon. You should take your raincoat. B A. snow B. rain

一、用am ,is ,are 填空 ? 1.We are going to have dinner at 6 o’clock. ? 2. I amgoing to go to the library. ? 3. Are you going to swim tomorrow? ? 4. They are going to go to the zoo. ? 5. Amy is going to play the flute.
? ? ? ? ? ? ? 二、选择 1. We’re going to eat C seven o’clock. 2. It A going to rain soon. A. is A. in B.are B. on C.am C.ate C.at

3.When are we going to walk C the lake? A.on B.in C.around 4. They are going to B our sandwiches. A.eating B.eat 5. Tomorrow it’s going to 6. It’s going to



A. sunny A.be rain

B. be sunny B.rain



My Weekend Plan
? ? ? ? ? ? I’m going to have a picnic at Tong Niuling. I’m going to leave(动身)at ______. I’m going to _________ first. Then I’m going to ____________. At last I’m going to eat _____________. I’ll have a good time.

Where When What


Module 3

规则变化:动词v. +ed 不规则的需要单独记忆

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

have------had go-----went take----took is /am-----was are-----wer

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