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深港版五年级英语下册unit 5 A busy week (A)

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Part A

Translate the phrases.(用一般过去时)
played the piano 1.弹钢琴______________________ finished homework 2.完成作业_______________________ surfed the internet 3.上网_____________________ watched a film 4.看电影____________________ visited grandma and grandpa 5.拜访爷爷奶奶______________________ saw zebras 6.看斑马_____________________ drove to hippo pool 7.开车去河马池________________________ 8.买明星片______________________ bought some postcards 9.照相________________________ took photos

do homework

do --did read a book read --read I did my homework and read a book.

play the piano play--played

win a prize 获奖 win -- won

I played the piano and won a prize.

Dear aunt, How are you?
______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ __________

write a letter to my aunt 写信给阿姨 write-- wrote
I wrote a letter to my aunt.

send emails to friends 给朋友发送电子邮件 send -- sent
I sent emails to friends.

visit family and friends visit - visited clean the house clean-cleaned

I cleaned the house and visited family and friends.

swim at the pool swim---swam

practise kung fu 练功夫 at the park

I swam at the pool and practised kung fu at the park.

Let’s do a chant Read,read,what did you do? I read a book. Play,played,what did you do? I played the piano. Win,won,what did you do? I won a prize. Write,wrote, what did you do? I wrote a letter to my aunt. Send,sent, what did you do? I sent lots of emails to friends.

Clean,cleaned,what did you do ? I cleaned the house. Visit,visited,what did you do? I visited family and friends. Swim,swam,what did you do? I swam at the pool. Practise,practised,what did you do? I practised kung fu at the park.

play send the read a book Step 1 读词接力赛 piano emails play send the piano win a swim at the pool emails clean the house read a prize visit family and friends practise kung clean the house A book busy week fu

This turn is over. 本轮结束,准备下轮!

Step 2 考反应

说出相对应的动词 过去式或现在式.

Come on!

1 win--- won 2 read--- read 3 send-- sent 4-write-- wrote 5- swim-- swam 6 clean-cleane 7- visit--- visited d

Pair work: Free talk
A: What did you do last week? B: I did my homework. (played the piano,watched TV, read a book,cleaned the house…) 请和同学或老师自由谈论你上周所 做的事情.

You’re a reporter for the school newspaper. “write sentences about your friend’s week.

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