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7BUnit 4测试卷

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7B Unit Four 测试试卷

日期__________ 姓名__________得分_________

一 . 词汇(20)


1. My hometown is in the _____________(东北), near the Songhuajiang River.

2. It is said that there are four__________(角落) in the world.

3.There is ____________(大量的) of rain in summer in this place.

4.The g_________ have long necks. They can touch the tall trees.

5.Can you hear the birds’ sweet____________ (声音).

, 每词限用一次。

7. There is something under the ground in front of the ________tree on the left.

8. Don’t walk_____________the streets when the traffic lights are red.

9. There’s a little cat lying between the______________.

10. These monkeys are really____________. Look! They are making faces at us.

12. _________past the station, turn right and walk along the zebra crossing.

13. My parents are busy. They _______________food and fruit for dinner.

14. The children are looking forward to ______________a trip to Sunshine Zoo.

15. Turn left, go straight on and you ________________ the Monkeys’ Forest.

D) 请你把下列词组译成英语

16.跟我回家_____________________17. 害怕靠近狮子的笼子__________________

18. 相当可爱 _______________________19. 喜欢整天躺着 ____________________

20. 在卧室的角落里_____________________

二 . 单项选择。(10)

( ) 21. -----Who's _______man over there? ----Oh,he's ______friend of my father's.

A.the, the B.a,the C.the, a D.a,a

( ) 22 .Walk ______the shop. You’ll find the café.

A. across B. over C. past D. down

( ) 23. Shanghai is ______ the east of China and _______ the west of Japan.

A. in; in B. to; to C. in; to D. to; in

( ) 24. Turn on the TV, there is ______________.

A. important something B. important nothing

C. something important D. nothing important

( ) 25.The twins are both great. One is a doctor, ____________ one is an artist.

A.another B.the other C.the others D.others

( ) 26. There is _____ “h” and _____ “u” in _______word “house”.

A. a…a the B. an…a the C. an…an a D. a…an an

( ) 27.Get out _______Exit B and walk along the road ,you will find the small shop ____the corner

of the street.

A.at,at B.in,in C.at,in D.in,at

( ) 28. In spring, you will ________ the whisper of the breeze(清风), if you ____carefully.

A. hear, listen B. listen, hear C. hear, listen to D. listen to, hear

( )29.The students in our school______________do much homework.

A.needn’t to B.mustn’t to C.don’t have to D.doesn’t have to

( )30.His acting (表演) _____________a monkey. It often makes us ____________.

A.is like, laugh B.are like, to laugh C.look like, laugh D.looks like, to laugh


31.Millie and Sandy are going to buy some food. .( 改为一般疑问句,并作肯定回答 )

__________Millie and Sandy ________ _______ buy any food ? Yes , they ______.

对画线部分提问 )

_________ ________the exchange students ____ tomorrow ?

33 Take the second crossing on the right . (改为同义句)

_________ _________ _______ the second crossing.

34.The bread is below the milk on the shelf. (改为同义句)

The milk __________ _________ the bread on the shelf.

35.Shandong is north of Jiangsu. (改为同义句)

Shandong is _________ ________ ________ _________Jiangsu.


These days, computer games are becoming more and more popular in many cities and towns. A lot of 变成game houses in order to (为了) get more money. These places are always crowded with (挤满了 especially (尤其是) young boys. a lot of money playing games on machines. It’sfor one to win a computer game, but one can make progress (进步 again and again. People have a kind of gambling psychology (赌博心理) when they play computer games. The more they the more they want to win. For school boys, they don’t care their lessons. When class is over, they run to the nearby computer game houses. Some of them can get enough money from their parents. But some of enough to get the money. They begin to take other students’ money and (小偷).

( )36. A. rivers B. cities C. villages D. streets

( )37.A. small B. big C. computer D. sports

( )38.A. people B. person C. women D. girls

( )39.A. take B. win C. use D. spend

( )40.A. easy B. hard C. important D. beautiful

( )41.A. drive B. to make C. trying D. ran

( )42.A. hope B. lose C. do D. make

( )43.A. about B. at C. in D. of

( )44.A. bad B. angry C. difficult D. lucky

( )45.A. are B. look like C. become D. like



Dear Peter,

I know that you are coming to Hefei next week. Welcome to my home. Let me tell you the way to my house. You will live in Changjiang Hotel on Changjiang Street, won’t you? OK! Changjiang Street is a famous and busy street in our city. You can start from your hotel and go straight along Tongcheng Street. You pass two small streets: Hongxing Street and Lujiang Street. When you see an overbridge (高架桥), please turn right and go along Huangcheng Street. It’s an old street, but it’s clean. There’s a big park on the street. It’s beautiful and clean. When you get to Jinzhai Street, please turn left and go along it. You will pass Wuhu Street and Tunxi Street. Then you can see a KFC on your right. There’s a supermarket across from the KFC and my house is near the supermarket. There’s a pay phone in front of the KFC. You can call me there and I will go to meet you.

I hope you will have a good trip.


Li Li

( )46.Where will Peter live in Hefei?

A. Li Li’s room. B. Changjiang Hotel. C. Anhui Hotel. D. His friend’s house.

( )47How is Changjiang Street by Li Lis words?

A. It’s beautiful. B. It’s famous. C. It’s old. D. It’s famous and busy.

( )48.How many streets are mentioned (提及) in this letter?

A. 6. B. 7. C. 8. D. 9.

( )49.How is the park?

A. It’s old but it’s clean. B. It’s on Tongcheng Street.

C. It’s beautiful and clean. D. It’s quiet and dirty.

( )50.Where’s the KFC?

A. It’s near Li Li’s home.

B. It’s across from the pay phone.

C. It’s in front of the supermarket.

D. It’s between the supermarket and the pay phone.


A man was walking along the road through a large city. On the corner, he saw a boy with a lot of small birds for sale (卖) in a cage. He felt sad when he looked at the little prisoners (囚犯) flying in the cage and trying to get out.

He stood there, looking at the birds for some time. At last he said to the boy, “How much do you ask for the birds?”

“Half a pound each, sir,” said the boy. “I don’t mean how much for each,” said the man, “but how much for all of them. I want to buy them all.”The boy began to count, and he found that they came to five pounds.

Here is your money,” said the man. The boy took it, and he was pleased with the morning’s trade (生意).Then the man opened the cage door, and let all the birds fly away. Seeing this, the boy cried, “What are you doing that for, sir? You have lost all of your birds.”

“I will tell you why I did it,” said the man. “I was in a French prison for three years, and I know how sad a prisoner is. I will feel happier when I make them free.”

( )51.What was the boy doing in the street?

A. Walking. B. Selling birds.

C. Trying to get out of the cage. D. Standing on the corner.

( )52.How many birds did the man buy?

A. Five. B. Six. C. Ten. D. Twenty.

( )53.How much did the man pay for all the birds?

A. Half a pound. B. Five pounds. C. Ten pounds. D. Twenty pounds.

( )54.What did the man do after he bought all the birds?

A. He book the birds home. B. He let the birds fly away.

C. He sold them to others. D. He began to count them.

( )55.Which of the following is TRUE?

A. The man loved birds very much.

B. The man was pleased with the mornings trade.

C. The man didn’t want to give the boy any money.

D. The man felt happier after he made the birds free.

六、 任务型阅读.(10分)

Mrs Black is having a lot of trouble with her skin, so she goes to see her doctor about it. The doctor cannot find anything wrong with her, so he sends her to the local hospital for some tests. The hospital sends the results of the tests to Mrs Black’s doctor, and the next morning the doctor telephones her to give her a list of the things that he thinks she should not eat, because any of them might be the cause of her skin trouble.

Mrs Black carefully writes all the things down on a piece of paper, and then she leaves the paper beside the telephone while she goes out to a friend’s party.

When she gets back home, she finds her husband waiting for her. He has a big basket full of packages beside him, and when he sees her, he says, “Hello, my dear, I buy all the things for you.”

“Do you buy all the things for me?” she asks in surprise. “But how do you know what I want to buy?” “Well, when I get home, I find your shopping list beside the telephone,” answers her husband proudly. “So I go down to the shops and buy everything you write down.”

Of course, Mrs Black has to tell him the truth (真相): the doctor does not allow her to eat all the

things on the list.

56、Why does Mrs Black go to her doctor?


57、What does the doctor find after he examines (检查) her carefully?


58、Where does the doctor send her for some tests?


59、What does she find when she gets back from a friend’s party?


60、Why does her husband buy the things?



56. 你能告诉我去邮局的路吗?


57. 我们什么时候会面?今晚八点。


58. 这个周末我们打算去哪里班级旅行?







There are different ways to give directions(方向) in d_____61_______ parts of the world.

It’s easy to lose your way in Japan because most streets there don’t have n____62_______. In Japan, people use landmarks in their directions instead of street names. For example, the Japanese will s___63__ to travellers, “ Go s_____64_____down to the corner, Turn left at the big h____65_______and go past a fruit market.”In the countryside of the American Midwest, usually there are not many landmarks.



西蒙邀请尼尔周六下午三点到他家参加他的生日聚会。西蒙说他会准备大量的食品和饮料。聚会上会有唱歌、跳舞和游戏节目。 路线:从A号楼(Building A)大门出来,乘地铁,在第三站从B出口出来,然后向右转,过桥,经过警察局,沿着第五街道直走,当你来到红绿灯处,过马路走到路的尽头(the end of...),你会看到一家银行,西蒙家就在它的后面。


Dear Neil,

I am happy to __________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Yours faithfully,


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