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Module 3 Our School and Our Class

Uint 1


1. early 2. hot 3. cold .

4.large 5. many 6. bright .

7. good 8. hard 9. thin .

10. heavy .


Sally and Xiaoling are good friends. They live in the same building, but they're not in the same school. Sally studies at Guangzhou International School. Xiaoling studies at Yuying Primary School. So every morning Xiaoling always get up earlier than Sally. They get to school at half past seven. The teachers in these two schools are kind and friendly. Both Sally and Xiaoling study hard. But Xiaoling studies harder than Sally.

1. Are Sally and Xiaoling classmates?

2. Does Sally study at Yuying Primary School?

3. Who always gets up later?

4. What time do Sally and Xiaoling get to school?

5. Who studies harder?


1. The boy takes exercise (early) than the man.

(large) than the right one.

4. A giraffe is 5. The girl is (beautifully) than her mother.

6. The lady in white is (thin) than the lady in green.

7. Sally studies 8. Mike plays basketball (good) than Ben.

Unit 9

一、 读短文,根据短文内容选择正确答案。

I have two uncles. Their names are Andy and Billy. Both of them have houses. But Billy's house is different from Andy's. It's small and tidy. Behind the house, there 's a big garden. In the garden, there are some fruit trees and a lot of flowers. Uncle

Andy has a house, too. It's bigger than Uncle Billy's, but it is not very clean, because Andy is very busy. In front of the house, there is a small square garden, but there are no trees or flowers in it.

1.Uncle Billy has a house.

A. tidy B. small C. both A and B

A. big B. bigger C. smaller

3. A. Beside B. Behind C. Near

4. There are some and flowers in Uncle Billy's garden.

A. pine trees B. kapok trees C. fruit trees

A. square B. rectangle C. Triangle

二、 听对话一次,选择问题的正确答案。

( )1. Who's the cute girl in the photo?

A. Kate B. Rose C. Annie.

( ) 2. Where does Rose come from?

A. France B. England C. America

( ) 3. What language does she speak?

A. French B. English C. Both A and B

( ) 4. Can Rose draw very well?

A. Yes, she can. B. No, she can't. C. Yes, she is.

( ) 5. Who draws better?

A. Annie. B. Kate. C. Rose.

三、 用所给的单词组成问句,然后回答这些问题。

1. speak, do , usually, what, language, you?

2. school, in, your, hard-working, all, teachers, the , are ?

3. job, have, your, do, hard, a, teacher?

4. many, school, pupils, how, there, are, in, your?

5. classroom, your, teachers', office, the, bigger, than, is?

第三部分 评价


( )1.A. 1030 B. 1040 C. 1050

( ) 2. A. Late B. Later C. Larger

( ) 3. A. See B. Visit C. Will

( ) 4. A. Their B. They C. Theirs

( ) 5. A. Week B. We C. Weak


1. Room 301 is than 305.

2. Their flowers than this one.

harder than .

4. Miss Chen is from and English.

5. Our living room is 三、听对话三次,根据对话内容指出下面的句子是否与对话意思一致,如一致,在括号内写" T", 否则写“F”。

( )1. Zhang Hua doesn't study English at school.

( ) 2. He likes art best.

( ) 3. He can't draw well.

( ) 4. He likes draw flowers.

( ) 5. His paintings aren't better than his classmates.


( )1. A. High B. Early C. New D. Play

( ) 2. A. Good B. Later C. Harder D. Faster

( ) 3. A. Me B. Us C. Their D. Him

( ) 4. A. Her B. His C. Its D. Mine

( ) 5. A. Canteen B. Playground C. Art room D. Hospital


1. Good 2. Hot 3. Big 4. Thin 5. Heavy 6. Easy 9. Clean 10. Low .


( )1. get up earlier than us.

A. Their B. Theirs C. They

( A. his B. him C. he

( A. much B. many C. mine

( ) 4. Let A. we B. our C. us

( ) 5. Does your father have more books than ?

A. your B. you C. yours

( ) 6. Jane is shorter A. than B. then C. them

( ) 7. They're running A. with B. in C. at

( ) 8. Jay studies at Guangzhou International School. He can speak Chinese

and A. German B. Germany C. England

( ) 9. of the animals are strange to us.

A. One B. Any C. Some

( ) 10. He can sing A. better B. good C. Well


1. Who runs fastest in your class?

2. Does your school have a library?

3. Is your bedroom big or small?

4. How many pupils are there in your class?

5. Do you get up earlier than your father every morning?

6. Which language can you speak?

7. Where do you come from?

8. Who's taller, your father or your mother?

9. Do you study harder this term than last?

10. How many buildings are there in your school?


Hello, I'm Li Hong. I'm going to study at a new school this term. I like my new school, because it's bigger than my old one. It has a big library, there are more books than in the old library. I can read many books. I like reading very much. In the new school, there is a swimming pool. I can swim. I like swimming too. I hope I can make many new friends here.

( ) 1. Li Hong's school is going to move.

( ) 2. Li Hong's new school hasn't got a library.

( ) 3. There is a swimming pool in her new school.

( ) 4. Li Hong likes reading.

( ) 5. Li Hong likes swimming.

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