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班级__________ 姓名_________ 等级_________


( )1.what is the elephant doing? -----___________ climbing.

A.They’ re B.It’s C. We’re

( )2.Are they eating lunch? ------————————.

A.No,we aren’t B.Yes,they aren’t C.No,thet aren’t

( ) 3.Look at the girls .They are _______a picnic.

A.having B.have C.haveing

( )4.________ are they?-----They are in the woods.

A.Where B.What C.When

( )5.Can tigers __________?------ Yes,they can.

A.are swimming B.swimming C.swim

( )6.What is Mike doing?------He ______

A.running B.swim C.is walking

( )7.--_____________?----They are jumping.

A.What do you do? B.What are you doing? C.What are they doing?

( )8.What ________the mother elephant doing?

A.is B.are C.am.

( )9.The bears are______under the tree.

A.sleep B.sleeping C.sleeps

( )10.What do you do on the weekend?---I usually__________.

A.watch TV B.watching TV C.watchea TV


1. what doing they are ?

2.are they climbing trees .

3.what is doing she ?

4.rabbit juming the is .

5.is the tiger doing what ?


Today is a fine day, my mom takes me to the zoo. There are many animals in the zoo. Look! There are two tigers walking, two rabbits are running and a lion is sleeping. I like monkeys best. They are swinging now. They like eating yellow bananas. Sometimes they climb trees, they are very good climbers, sometimes they jump up and down.

( )1. I go to the zoo with ____today.

A. my father B. my mother C. my grandma

( ) 2. What are the rabbits doing now? They are ___________.

A. walking B. running C. jumping up and down

( )3. What is my favourite animal? _________.

A. Monkeys B. Lions C. Tigers

( )4. What are the monkeys doing now? They are ___________.

A. jumping up and down B. eating yellow bananas C. swinging

( )5. _________ are good climbers.

A. The rabbits B. The monkeys C. The tigers


1. What is the girl doing in the picture?

____________________________________ 1. 2.

2. Can the birds swim?


3. What is the elephant doing?

______________________________________ 3. 4.

4. What are they in the picture?


5. How many pandas are there in the picture?

______________________________________ 5.




六、看图作文。 用几句话介绍你去动物园时看到各种动物都在做什么,不小于五句话

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