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( )1 A、spring B、summer C、fall

( )2 A、March B、May C、April ( )3 A、eat breakfast B、eat lunch C、eat dinner

( )4 A、7:30 B、8:30 C、9:30 ( )5 A、drinking B、eating C、having ( )6 A、fly kites B、plant trees C、make a snowman

( )7 A、nice B、sweet C、good ( )8 A、go hiking B、go shopping C、go fishing ( )9 A、go to bed B、go to school C、go to work ( )10 A、first B、second C、third


( )1、Look, what is my mother doing?

She’s ________________

A. go fishing B. go swimming C. go hiking

( )2、Chen Jie and Amy are ____________________.

A. flying kites B. playing football C. reading books

( )3、Hello _____________ , Can I speak to ChenJie, please ?

A. this is Wu yifan B. this is Chen Jie C.this is Sarah

( )4、Her grandpa is ___________________

A.my father B.my uncle C. my teacher

( )5、When is your birthday?______________________.

A. My birthday is in May B. My birthday is in June C.My birthday is in March


( )1. A. There are four seasons in a year. B. Spring is my favourite season. ( )2. A. It's June 21st. B. It's Thursday.

( )3. A. No. He's playing football. B. Yes. He's very tall.

( )4. A. My mom is a doctor. B. Sure. Hold on, please.

( )5. A. They are cooking dinner. B. She is answering the phone. 笔试部分(70分)

一、 请按要求写单词。(10分)




4.over there(译成汉语)



( )1. A. often B. usually C.noon

( )2. A.spring B.fall C.skate

( )3. A .dog B .elephant C.play

( )4. A .swim B .people C.write

( )5. A .third B .fourth C.eight

( )6. A.winter B.cool C.spring

( )7. A.cold B.warm C.walk

( )8 A. skate B. swim C. season

( )9 . A. first B.two C. second

( )10. A. May B.July C. Sunday

三、 选择正确的答案(10分)

( ).1 .______ is your birthday ?

A. What B. When C. Why

( ).2.I eat dinner ________ 7:00 in the evening ?

A. on B. in C. at

( ) .3.What _____ you doing ?

A. are B. am C .is

( ) .4.John is ______the phone .

A. answering B .answer C. are answering

( ) .5 .When is your birthday ?It’s ______.

A. June 9 B. June the 9 C. June 9th .

( )6.What do you do ____the weekend?

A. on B. in C. at

( )7._____season do you like best?

A. Which B. What C. How

( )8.Kate ____ playing chess.

A.am B.is C.are

( )9.Can I speak ___John?

A.for B to C.on

( )10. The fish is in the river.

A. swim B. swims C. Swimming


( ) 1.如果你想了解别人是干什么的,你可以问:

A. Who are you? B. What do you like? C. What do you do?

( )2. 你在问别人问题之前,你可以有礼貌地说:

A. I’m sorry. B. Excuse me. C. Can you help me?

( )3. 如果你想了解别人最喜欢吃什么,你可以问:

A. What do you like? B. What’s your favourite food? C. Do you like this?

( ) 4. 如果你想了解今天是几月几日,你应该问:

A. What is the date today? B. What day is it today? C. What is it?

( )5. 妈妈称赞你说:You’re so helpful(有用的),你应该回答:

A. You’re welcome. B. I’m not helpful. C. Thank you.

( )6. 如果你想问别人星期一上什么课, 你可以问:

A. What do you do on Monday?B. What would you like on Monday? C. What do you have on Mondays?

( )7.打电话时如果想知道对方是谁,应该问:

A. Who are you? B. Who’s that? C. Who’s this?

( )8. 如果你想和李先生通电话,你可以说:

A. Hello. May I speak to Mr. Li? B. Where is Mr. Li, please? C. Who is Mr. Li?

( )9. 如果你想了解对方正在做什么, 你可以问:

A. What are you? B. Where are you? C. What are you doing?

( )10. 如果你想问他们经常做什么,你可以问:

A. What do they often do? B. What are they doing? C. What can they do?

( )11. 如果你想问别人几点起床,你可以问:

A. What time do you get up? B. Why do you get up? C. How do you get up?

( )12. 如果你想了解John正在做什么,你应该问:

A. What can John do? B. What is John doing? C. What does John do?

( )13. 如果你告诉别人到了走的时间了,你应该说:

A. Let’s go. B. Can you go now? C. It’s time to go.

( )14. 在电话中介绍自己是谁,你可以说:

A. I am Peter. B. My name is Peter. C. This is Peter.

( )15.你想知道别人生日什么时候,你该怎么问:

A. What are you? B.What’s your favourite food? C.when is your birthday?


1 dancing is monkey the(.)


2 beautiful spring is (.)


3. is What the date(?)


4. am doing I the dishes (.)


5. is doing Brother homework (.)



January Christmas Day

March National Day

June Children’s Day

October Tree-planting Day

December New Year’s Day


It’s summer. Zoom and Zip swim in the lake(湖).they are happy . “I like Summer,”says Zip. “Why do you like summer? ”asks Zoom. “because I can swim in the lake.”

It’s fall. Zoom and Zip go hiking. They eat a lot.

Winter comes. Zoom and Zip don’t skate. They sleep.

Spring comes. Zoom and Zip wake up .They fly kites. “I like winter,” says Zoom. “Why do you like winter?” asks Zip. “Because I can sleep a long time.” in the winter,they can sleep.

( ) 1.Zip likes Summer.

( ) 2.It’s summer, Zoom and Zip go hiking.

( ) 3.Zip can swim in the lake.

( ) 4.Zip can sleep for a long time in spring.

( ) 5.Winter comes. Zoom and Zip can sleep.

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