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Module 4 Wild Animals


A. whale B. dinosaur C. cheetah D. leopard

E. crocodile F. eagle G. shark H. kilometre

I. ton J. Metre

1. One is 1000 s.

2. 3. on earth now. They lived on earth many years ago.

4. . And it is the fastest animal in the world.

5. s live in water. s are.



Mrs Brown wants to buy a new television. She is in a shop now.There are three kinds of televisions. A is made in China. B is made in Japan and C is made in

American. B is the cheapest of all. It's one thousand and eight hundred yuan. But it is also the biggest one of these televisions. Which TV looks nicest? Of course A is. C's colour is very good. It's the best colour of three, but it's the heaviest.

( ) 1. What does Mrs Brown want to buy?

A. Television B. Telephone C. Fridge.

( ) 2. How many kinds of televisions are there in the shop?

A. One. B. Two. C. Three.

( ) 3. Which TV is the cheapest?

A. TV A. B. TV B. C. TV C.

( ) 4. Which TV is the nicest.

A. TV B. B. TV C. C. TV A.

( ) 5. Which TV's colour is the best?

A. TV C. B. TV B. C. TV A.


1. This play is than this one. (interesting)

2. boy in his class. (tall)

3. apples than the other apple trees in the garden. (many)

4. of all the farm animals. (fast)

5. My mother swims very than my mother. But I in my family. (well)


A:I know a lot about crocodiles now, Mum.

B: Oh, that's interesting. Please tell me.

A: OK, crocodiles are very big. They have big mouths and they're ugly. B: Oh! What do they eat?

A: They eat lots of things. They like eating meat.

B: What can they do? They look lazy. (懒惰)

A:Yes, but they can run quickly for a short time.

B: Wow! Where do they live?

A: They live in the water and on land.

B: En, you did a good job.

A: Thank you.

1. What do the crocodiles look like?

2. Which food do they eat?

3. What can they do?

4. Where do they live?

5. Do you like crocodiles?


Amy is 12 years (better, best) friend. She is one year ( taller, tallest) than her. She studies at Guangzhou International School. She studies (harder, hardest) in her class. Everyone likes her.

Unit 12

一、听对话三次,根据对话内容指出下面的句子是否与对话意思一致,如一致,在括号内写" T", 否则写“F”。

( )1. Andy is a blue whale.

( ) 2. Andy has a brother and a sister.

( ) 3. Anna can jump the highest of the three.

( ) 4. Tom is a baby kangaroo.

( ) 5. Tom isn't cute.


I like lions best. I think they are the interesting animals. Lions usually live for thirteen years, they eat lots of different animals. Some lions eat giraffes; Some lions

eat baby elephants. But lions can't eat big elephants, because they are so big and strong and they have strong legs and can kick (踢) the lions. Lions love sleeping the best. They usually sleep for sixteen hours every day. Do you like them?

( ) 1. The lions are the biggest animals.

( ) 2. The lions only eat giraffes.

( ) 3. The lions can eat big elephants.

( ) 4. The lions love sleeping the best.

( ) 5. The lions usually sleep for sixteen hours every day.


( 比我大一岁)。

2. Peter (跑得最快)in our class.

3. Mike (学习最努力)in our class.

4. (谁是最漂亮的), Janet. Sally or Xiaoling?

5. (你更加喜欢哪一个),coffee or coke?

第三部分 评价


( )1. What animal does Jiamin like?

A. Cheetah B. Leopard C. Lion

( ) 2. Are they strong and beautiful?

A. Yes, they are. B. No, they don't. C. Yes, they do.

( ) 3. Whose head is bigger, cheetah or leopard?

A. Cheetah B. Both A and C. C. Leopard

( ) 4. What are leopards good at?

A. Climbing trees. B. Catching mice. C. Flying.

( ) 5. Where do leopards live?

A. Aisa. B. Africa C. Both A and C.

二、听对话三次,根据对话内容指出下面的句子是否与对话意思一致,如一致,在括号内写" T", 否则写“F”。

( )1. Mr Jackson is a football coach.

( ) 2. The tallest boy is Jack.

( ) 3. The shortest boy is Joe.

( ) 4. David is taller than Mike.

( ) 5. Bill is a fat boy.



1. 三百米

2. 五公斤 3. 在陆上 4. 没有牙齿 5. 在海上 五、选择适当的词填空。

( )1. The blue jacket is than the red one.

A. expensive B. expensiver C. more expensive

( ) 2. An elephant is A. much B. more C. many

( ) 3. Who's the , Kate, Rose or Joan?

A. thinner B. thinest C. thinnest

( ) 4. This shirt is the of the three.

A. cheap B. cheaper C. cheapest

( ) 5. Jack is than Mark.

A. funny B. much funny C. funnier

( pears in this tree than in that one.

A. many B. more C. most

( ) 7. I'm taller than everyone in my class. I'm A. tall B. tallest C. the tallest

( ) 8. Who can dance better A. than B. then C. them

( A. many B. much C. more

( A. good B. better C. the best


1. Who studies hardest in your class?

10. Which animal likes to eat carrot?


Many different kinds of bats (蝙蝠)live in the jungle(丛林) or cave(山洞). They eat fruit or fish. You don't often see bats because they sleep in the day. They always fly at night to find their food. Many people think that bats can not see. But fruit bats(狐蝠)have very good eyes. They can find fruit on trees at night. Fruit bats only have one baby. The mother carries her baby for eight weeks, and then the baby learns to fly.

( ) 1. Many different kinds of bats live in the jungle or cave.

( ) 2. The bats eat large animals.

( ) 3. We can't see the bats in the day.

( ) 4. Fruit bats can't find fruit on trees at night.

( ) 5. The mother fruit bat carries her baby for eight weeks.

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