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Unit 2 句型

1. What’s wrong (with you)?

What’s the matter with you?

2. What should I / he / she do?

Maybe you / he / she should / shouldn’t + 动词原形

3. Why don’t you do sth? 你为什么不…?

4. Why not do sth ?

5. 总结反身代词

myself 我自己 ourselves 我们自己

yourself你自己 yourselves你们自己

herself她自己 himself他自己 itself它自己 themselves她、他、它们自己 Unit 3 句型

1. 感叹句,如:

He is a clever boy. -------- What a clever boy he is! 他是多么聪明的一个男孩啊!

He is clever. --------- How clever he is! 他多么聪明啊!

注意:what 后加名词短语, how 后跟形容词

2. What were you doing when the UFO arrived?

3. I was walking down the street when the UFO arrived.

4. I saw the alien get out while I was shopping.

5. 语法


1. 含义:过去某个时刻正在进行的动作

2. 与过去进行时连用的时间状语

then(在那时), at this / that time yesterday, at that moment, at nine last night, at 6:00 yesterday

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