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英语教育说课Unit 1 Part Two

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Unit 1 Language and Learning
Part Two: What makes a good English teacher?

What makes a good English teacher?

“Like teachers, like students.”
Teachers can exert their subtle influence on students through words and by deeds. To be a teacher of the 21th century, a good command of English or linguistic competence is not enough.

The qualities a qualified teacher needs include: a. non-intellectual qualities b. intellectual qualities c. application of CAI ( computer-assisted instruction) d. teaching practice qualities e. self-assessment qualities

a. non-intellectual qualities

Psychological qualities are essential factors. strong will-power good motivation perseverance out-going characteristics

How to develop non-intellectual qualities? a.Keeping the interest in studying English

b.Keeping strong-will and perseverance in studying c.Developing good personality

a.Keeping the interest in studying English

Having interest means having a good teacher.

Students are probably interested in

? ?


A successful experience Things that are more likely to gain rewards in the near future. Novelties

b. intellectual qualities

Language learning ability such as
observation, memory, comprehension, attention, imagination, practice


Self-study ability
to make a study plan,to question oneself,to compare,to abstact, to systemise,to use dictionary,libraries and computers,to evaluate oneself,to supervise oneself, to keep oneself from distraction


Four language skills ability Application of CAI
www.cnn.com byu in hawaii www.gh.cs.usyd.edu.

c. Application of CAI ( computer-assisted instruction)

Teaching practice
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To prepare a lesson Handwriting on the BB Teachers’ posture ( the expression in the eyes, gestures) Oral expression Psychological quality training To be versatile (drawing, acting, singing, playing sports)

Handwriting on the BB

Teachers’ posture

To be versatile
? ?


Drawing Acting Singing playing sports

? ? ? ?

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Unit 1. Language and Learning Reflective questions: What are difference between learning the first language and a foreign language? What are the qualities of a good language teacher? To what extent have you got these qualities? What do you think you should do so as to become a good teacher in the future? What are the qualities of good language learner? What do they suggest to language teaching? 4. What are the views of language?

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