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5B Unit6-7阶段测试一二

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牛津英语5B Unit6-7阶段测试一


( (

( (



1. 仰卧_______________ 2. 在晚上_______________________

3. 值日________________ 4. 八点半_______________________

5. 六点四十五__________ 6. 忙碌的一天____________________

7. clean the library _________ 8. Let’s hurry. _____________________

9. follow the orders________10. brush one’s teeth ________________


( )1. ________ up your left leg and ________ it with your right hand.

A. Touch...lift B. Lift...touch C. Lift...put

( )2. They ready class .

A. do; for B. are; to

A. to

A. for C. are; for ( )3. There’s no time breakfast. B. for C. of B. with C. to ( )4. I can take some bread ________ me.

( )5. I need a model plane .

A. make

A. wants to

A. at; in B. to make C. making B. wants B. at; on C. want to C. in; in ( )6. Nancy ( )7. I often get up the morning .

( )8. The boy is ______________ on the man's shoulders.

A. stand B. standing C. stands

( ) 9. Turn left and right A. ten time B. at ten times C. ten times D. with ten times

( ) 10. What Lily usually do on Saturday afternoon?

A. do B. does C. is D. are


1.Who _________ (want) _________ (play) basketball with us?

2. Children’s Day is _______(come), Mum would like ______(buy)things for me.

3. It’s time __________ (have) lunch. Let’s __________ (go) now.

4. I ______ (get ) up at 6:30 every day, but my sister _________ (get ) up at 7:40.

5. Who _______ (be) on duty today? Lucy and Lily ________ (be).


1. It’对划线部分提问) __________ ________ is it?

2. I want to play cards. (改为同义句) I’d ________ ________ play cards.

3. I feel tired. (改为一般疑问句) _________ _________ feel tired? 对划线部分提问)

_________ _________ he usually do in the evening?

5. Sam has lunch at twenty to twelve. (改为一般疑问句)

_________ Sam ____________ lunch at twenty to twelve?


1. the, on, girl, nees, is, the, sitting, mother’s , little, her(.)


2. on, sister, head, grapes, your, can, these, put, her(.)


3.hand, with, your, head, touch, your, right(.)____________________

4. at, a football game, past, there’s, a quarter, four(.) ________________

5. lunch, you, ready, for, are (?)________________________


1. 从早上八点到下午五点,Nancy忙得没时间休息。

Nancy has rest.

2. — 你想制作船模吗?

— 是的。但是我正在浇花。


— Do you __________ to make a _______ ________ ?

— Yes, I do. But I __________ ___________.

— You’re ___________ busy today.

3. 学生们正在操场上上体育课。

The students ___________ ____________a PE lesson in the playground.


_________ your ________together, and then ________up and down three times.

5.准备好吃午饭了吗? 还没有。

_______you _________for lunch? .


Dear Jack:

I live in China with my parents this year. at Jinling Primary School in Nanjing.

six every day. Then I go to school by bike with my every day. After school I often do my homework first. Sometimes I play football after school. I like to live here very much.

Can you come and visit me by plane? Please write to me soon.


( ) 1. David lives in China now.

( ) 2. David goes to school by bike at half past six.

( ) 3. After school, David often plays football first.

( ) 4. David has a good friend, his name is Jack.

牛津英语5B Unit6-7阶段测试二

一. 按要求写出下列单词(8%)

1. try(第三人称单数)__________

3. up(对应词) __________

__________ 5. lie(现在分词) 2. everybody(近义词)__________ 4. left(对应词) 6. them(主格) __________ __________

7. carefully(形容词) __________

二.在B栏中找出A栏的答句(8%) 8. students(所有格) __________


( ) 1. What day is it today?

( ) 2. Put the hands on your head.

( ) 3. Can you put the toy on your finger?

( ) 4. What’s wrong with you?

( ) 5. May I speak to Jim King? A. I’ve got a fever. B. It’s 8360924. C. She grows flowers. D. It’s Sunday. E. Sorry, I can’t.

( ) 6. Does he like drawing pictures? F. All right.

( ) 7. What’s his telephone number? G.. Yes, this is Jim speaking.

( ) 8. What does Lisa usually do?

1. Do you like _________ (jump)?

Please ________ (jump) up and down three times.

Li Lei ________ (jump) high.

2. They are ________( have) an English lesson.

The bird in the picture ________(have) nine heads and one neck. Let’s _________ (have) a rest.

3. The boy ________(be) standing behind the window.

I ________(be) not at home this afternoon.

Don’t _________(be) shy. Speak loudly, please.

4. The policeman ________(order) the man to leave().

This office gives us an ________(order).

Mr Ma is giving ________(order).

四. 圈出句中的一到两处错误并改正(10%)

1. This little boy is sitting in her mother’s knees. H. No, he doesn’t. 三.用适当的形式填空(12%)


2. The teacher is giving order his students.

____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________

Billy is seven years old now. He’s in Grade Two. The school is near his home. So he goes to school on foot and gets home at about four o’clock in the afternoon. But today he is late. His mother asks him, “Why are you late today?”

“I’m in the teachers’ office.” “Why do you go to the teachers’ office?” “Because my teacher asks a question in class, and no one can answer it, but I can.” “ “It’s good to answer the teacher’s question.” “But the question is: Who puts ink(墨水) on my chair?”

1. How does Billy go to school?


2. Is Billy Late for school today?


3. Does Billy go home late every day?


4. What’s Billy’s age?


5. Why does Billy go home late today?


6. What time does Billy usually go home in the afternoon?


3. My father play basketball with me every Sunday. 4. A rabbit have two long ear. 5. Put your foot together and jump for six times. 五.阅读理解,并回答问题(6%)

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