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5B Unit6单元测试一二三

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牛津英语5B Unit6 单元测试一


1、 ( 2. ( ) 3. ( 4. ( ) 5. ( 6. ( ) 二、词组翻译。



1. We’re _____ an English lesson.

2. Stand ___ a line.

3. Jump ___ and ____

4. Lift___ your legs.

5. Lie____your back.

6. We go to school _____seven ___ the morning.

7. My mother washes clothes ______ Sundays.

8. I clean the photos ______ lunch.

9. Touch your feet ______ your hands.

10. They’re _____ the plaground.


1、 Liu Tao and Yang Ling _________ (have) a (China)lesson.

2、 I’m tired. Shall we ________(have) a rest?

3、 Do you like ________(swim)?

4、 I brush my teeth three ______(time) a day.

5、 How many ________(finger) do you have?

6、 The students are _____(try) to ______(listen) to the teacher carefully.


1、( ) The man is standing ________ another man’s shoulders.

A. on B. in C. at D. with

2. ( ) Now please listen __________ and follow __________.

A. to, me B. carefully, I C. to me carefully, my orders

3. ( ) If you want to be healthy, do some exercise ____me. 7.在一节体育课上 8.举起 9.认真听10.十次11.试着做 12.仰躺

A. for B. with C. and

4. ( ) The girl ________ a plate on her finger.

A. is putting B. puts C. put

5. ( ) Put your _________ together.

A. foot B. foots C. feet

6. ( ) Touch your hair ________ your finger.

A. in B. with C. on

7. ( ) _________ an elephant in the picture. __________ four legs.

A. It has, There’s B. There is, It has C. There’s, It’s

8.( ) What Lily usually do on Saturday afternoon?

A. do B. does C. is D. are

9.( am your new teacher. Please listen to carefully.

A. You; my B. You; me C. I; my D. I; me

10.( ) We are in same class.

A. the B. a C. / D. an

六、根据要求写句子。 对画线部分提问)

_________________________________________________________________ 对画线部分提问)


3. I can put the hands on my head. (改为一般疑问句)


4. I feel tired. (改为一般疑问句)


5. The waiter and the waitress every day. (对画线部分提问) _________________________________________________________________

6. Lie on your back.(改为否定句)




牛津英语5B Unit6 单元测试二


1.在一节英语课上 2.上一节体育课 3.下指令 4.试着做某事 5.跟着指令来 6.站成一条直线 7.做一些运动 8.上下跳 9.十次 10.仔细听 11.把你的手放到头上 12.左右转动 13.抬起你的左腿 14.把书放到桌上 15.在我嘴里 16.打乒乓球 17.每天 18.弯曲你的膝盖 二、用所给词的适当形式填空

1. Listen! The children 2. We (not watch) TV on Monday. they (do) on Saturdays? your parents (read) newspapers every day? 5. The girl (teach) us English on Sundays. 6. Mike (like) cooking. 7. Liu Tao (do) not like PE.


1. can not(缩写形式) 2. write(现在分词) 3. different(反义词) 4. does(否定式) 5. careful(副词) 6. U(同音词) 7. stay(现在分词) 8. put(现在分词) 9. study(第三人称单数) 10. hobby(复数) 11. I’ve(完整形式) 12.have(现在分词) 13.give (现在分词) 14.foot(复数 15.right(反义词) 16. up(反义词)


( ) 1. Helen often me after breakfast.

A. calling B. call C. calls

( ) 2. Look at word.

A. the three B. the third C. three

( ) 3. I like English. you?

A. How are B. How about C. What’s wrong with

( ) 4. Show me to get to your home.

A. where B. way C. how

( ) 5. A: What does Helen ? B: Perhaps she some pens.

A. have; have B. have; has C. has; has

( ) 6. Are there stars on the wall?

A. any B. some C. an

( ) 7. How many do you have in the morning?

A. lesson B. lessones C. lessons

( ) 8. A: What is it today? B: It’s Friday.

A. date B. day C. days

( ) 9. Welcome back school.

A. / B. go to C. to

( ) 10. I have English lessons in a week. And the lesson today is an English


A. four, four B. four, fourth C. fourth, fourth

( ) 11. What’s wrong you?

A. with B. of C. about

( ) 12. May I speak Helen?

A. with B. at C. to

( ) 13. I’ve got earache.

A. a B. an C. the

( ) 14. This is Helen A. speak B. speaking C. say

( ) 15. I can get some for you.

A. apple B. pear C. oranges

( ) 16. Touch your head your hands, please.

A. on B. with C. of

( ) 17. Can you put the egg your head?

A. on B. with C. of

( ) 18. A: Jump up and down ten times.

B: A. Thank you B. All right C. Sorry

( ) 19. My mother likes growing flowers. She them carefully.

A. looks after B. looks for C. looks at

( ) 20. Look at that man. is my uncle, name is John.

A. His, he B. He, his C. He, His


( )1. What’s wrong with you? A. Yes, she does.

( )2. Does she like taking photos? B. She likes taking photos.

( )3. Put your book on your head. C. Here’s a hot dog for you.

( )4. What does she like doing? D. This is Miss Li.

( )5. I’m hungry. E. I’m taking photos.

( )6. What are you doing? F. I like Science.

( )7. What subject do you like? G. I’m sorry to hear that.

( )8. I’m eleven. How about you? H. I’ve got a toothache.

( )9. I’ve got a bad cold. I. All right.

( )10. May I speak to Miss Li? J. I’m eleven, too.


1. It’s (对划线部分提问)

2. We are having an English lesson. (改为一般疑问句)


4. I like English very much. (改为否定句)

5. Do your homework now. (改为否定句)

your homework now.

6. My sister often takes photos on Sundays. (改为一般疑问句并作否定回答)

your sister often on Sundays?

No, .


the grape?

8. The boy can stand on the man’s shoulder. (改为否定句)

The boy stand on the man’s shoulder.


does it

10. He jumps very high. (改为一般疑问句并作否定回答)

he very high?

, he


It is four o’clock in the afternoon. Classes are over. Some students are talking about their hobbies in the classroom.

John: Do you have any hobbies, Katy?

Katy: Yes, I do. I like listening to music.

John: Bill, you like listening to music, too. Right?

Bill: No, I don’t. I like drawing.

John: Oh, we have the same hobby. I like drawing, too. I can draw many fruits.

Katy: I like apples. Can you draw some apples for me, please?

John: Sure.

( )1. It is four in the afternoon.

( )2. Some students are talking about their teachers in the classroom.

( )3. Katy likes drawing, John and Bill like drawing, too.

( )4. John can draw many fruits.

( )5. John would like to draw some apples for Katy.

牛津英语5B Unit6 单元测试三

一、 在下列各组单词中,找出一个画线部分发音与其余三个不同的选项。(6分) ( ) 1. A. over B. cold C. coffee

( )

( )

( ) ( ) ( )

二、 英汉互译(12分)

1. 做一些运动_________________2.feel tired_____________________________ 3上下跳十次_________________4.stand in a line________________________ 5向右转_____________________6.put the book on your finger____________ 7抬起你的左腿_______________8.listen carefully______________________ 9双脚并拢___________________10.lie on one’s back____________________


1. up(反义词) 2. write(现在分词)3. try(第三人称单数)_________ 4. foot(复数6. students(所有格) __________

8. put(现在分词) 5. careful(副词)7. right(反义词)


( )1.What are they doing?

They are _______ a PE lesson.

A. have B. to have C. having

( )2.Touch your left ear ________ your left hand. OK.

A. of B. with C. in

( )3.Can you put this egg on your finger?

No, I________.

A. don’t B. can C. can’t

( )4.___________is the girl?

She is on a woman’s knee.

A. Where B. How C. Why

( )5.Good morning, __________!How are you today?

A. grape B. every C. everybody

( )6.The teacher is_________ orders.

A. making B. touching C. giving

( )7.He tries _________ walk fast.

A. for B. to C. with

( )8.The students are sitting ____________ a line.

A. in B. on C. of

( )9.Please read ________lesson 1________lesson 4.

A. in; to B. from; to C. on; to

( )10.Jump up and down__________. Yes, Mr Ma.

A. five time B. five times C. at five times

五、用所给词的适当形式填空 10

1. Listen! The children

2. We they (do) on Saturdays?

your parents (read) newspapers every day?

5. The girl (teach) us English on Sundays.

6. Mike (like) cooking.

7. they are trying_________(read) the new words_________.(good)


1. 学生们正在上体育课。

The __________ _________ _________ a PE __________

2. 用右手触摸左膝.

________ your __________ ________ with your ________ ________.

3. 躺下,抬起你的双腿.

______ on your _______, ________ _________ your_________.

4. 他仅仅有一只胳膊.

He has only(仅仅)_________ __________.

5. 认真听我说.

Listen to _______ _____________.


1.Please put your knees together.(改为否定句)

__________________________________________________ 对划线部分提问) __________________________________________

3.We are tired now.(改为一般疑问句)


4.I can put a book on my head.(改为一般疑问句)


5.She is watching cartoons at home now.(改成一般现在时)


6.hand, with, your, head, touch, your, right连词成句.



( )1.Stand a line , please. __________________


( together. ________________


( hands head .__________________


( A B C D

( your your ______________



Peter has a little dog. Its name is Dongdong. It’s black and white. It has big eyes, a long tail(尾巴)and fat ears. It has four short legs. It can swim. Peter likes playing football with Dongdong. He walks with his dog every day. They go to the park near their house on Saturdays and Sundays. It’s a very nice big park. They can jump, run, climb, and lie there. They have a good time.

( )1.The dog has four long legs.

( )2.Peter can swim.

( )3.They go to the park on Saturdays and Sundays.

( )4.There is a park near Peter’s house.

( )5.The dog can jump up and down.

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