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5B Unit 7单元测试一二

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牛津英语5B Unit 7 单元测试一


1.在夜间 8.stand in a line

2.上下跳 9.3.6: 10.

4.他的双脚 11.

5.左右转 12.

6.确实很忙 13.

7.放学以后 14.二、选择

( ) 1.What your parents want?

A. do B. does C. are

( ) 2. Miss Li is______. She has no time ______rest.

A. tired... for B. happy...of

( ) 3. It's time _______breakfast.

A. for B. to C. in

( ) 4. It's eight o'clock. Helen is ______her homework.

A. do B. doing C. Does

( ) 5. Sam _____to bed at nine every evening.

A. go B. going C. goes

( ) 6. Yang Ling .

A. doesn’t, us B. don’t, we C. /, us

( ) 7. There's a football game______ a quarter to four.

A. at

A. to, No B. past C. about B. for, isn't C. for, Not ( ) 8. Are you ready lunch, David? ____ yet, Mum.

( ) 9. It's late. I want to take some bread with ____ .

A. I B. me C. My

( ) 10.We play football in the street.

A. aren’t B. can’t C. doesn’t


1.there’s , for, rest, no, time ( . )

2.us, to, do, want, join, you ( ? )

3.a, there’s, game, at, football, a, to, quarter, five ( . )

4.the, orders, students, the, are, follow, trying, to ( . )

C. busy... to

5.finger, you , put, can , the , on , your, egg ( ? )


1. I usually go to school at seven in the morning. (用he转换)

2. He usually to at seven in the morning.

3. David has some beautiful stamps. (否定)

David beautiful stamps.

4. 对划线部分提问)

Mike in his study?

5. Lie on your back. (否定) on your back.

6. What time is it?(同义句) ?

7. It’s time for school. (同义句) It’s time .



The students are a PE in the playground.


They are some exercise Mr Ma.


your with your . Do this 4.—刘涛每天晚上通常做什么?---他做作业。

—LiuTao — He does homework.


Nancy to bed two to 六、阅读理解

Read and write T (true) or F (false)

Helen usually gets up early everyday. But today she gets up very late in the morning. So she has no time for breakfast. She goes to school at about half past seven. She has her first lesson at eight o’clock. She doesn’t go home at noon. She has lunch at a quarter to eleven at school. After lunch, she has a rest for half an hour. Then she plays games with her classmates. Classes are over at half past four. Helen goes home with her friends at about six. At six thirty, she has supper with her parents. She goes to bed at half past nine. That’s Helen’s day.

( )1.Helen gets up early today.

( )2.Helen has supper at half past six.

( )3.Helen has lunch at a quarter to eleven at home.

( )4.Helen has a rest and play games with her classmates after lunch.

( )5.We don’t know what time Helen gets up in the morning.

牛津英语5B Unit 7 单元测试二


1.tooth(复数)) 同音词)

3.cold(反义词4.try (现在分词) 5.wrong (反义词 6.family(复数) 7.touch(第三人称单数) 反义词)

9.we(宾格复数) 二、选择.(20分)

( )1.We are busy today.

A. ready B. do C. really

( cards with her?

A. play B. to play C. for play

( )3.What time__________they go to school ?

A. does B. is C do

( )4. don’t you write carefully?

A. Why B. What C. Where

( ) 5. Su Yang gets up six thirty.

A. on B. in C. at

( )6.--------What time is it?

---------It’s .

A. a quarter to five B .quarter to five C. quarter five

( Miss Brown want?

A .do B. does C. is

( )8.-----------Are you ready breakfast?-------Yes.

A .to B. / C.for

( A. on are B. are on C. are

( )10.They are too busy. They have time for rest.

A. some B. not C. no


( )1.Who’s on duty today ? A. Thank you.

( )2.Where’s your mother? B. He’s in the sitting-room.

( )3.Do you want to join me ? C. Yes .he does.

( )4.I like volleyball. D. I’ve got a fever.

( )5.Sit down ,please . E. Yes , and I’m very tired .

( )6.What are you doing ? F. Yes, I do.

( )7.You are really busy . G. I am on duty.

( )8.What’s wrong with you ? H. See you.

( )9.Does he play well ? I. I’m taking photos.

( )10.See you soon . J. Me, too



do you have supper?

2.She usually goes shopping on Sundays.(对画线部分提问)

on Sundays?

3.What time is it?(写出同义句)

4.Put your feet together.(改为否定句)

put your feet together. .(对画线部分提问)

your mother?


1 你们感觉累了吗?

Do you_____________ ________________?

2 你准备好午饭了吗?

Are you for ?

3 几点了? 四点十五分。

is it? It’s a quarter four.


on Sundays?

5 那个长着大眼睛的男孩是我的好朋友。

The boy 六、阅读理解。(10分)

I’m Liu Tao. Today is Saturday. I’m very happy. I do my homework from eight to half past ten in the morning. In the afternoon I go to the post office(邮局)and the bookshop(书店). I go home at about six. I want to go to bed early. But three friends come to see me. We talk about the football games for two hours. Then I go to bed at about half past ten .


( )1.It is Sunday today .

( )2.Liu Tao doesn’t go to school today.

( )3.He does his homework at home in the morning.

( )4.He goes to the cinema with his friends in the afternoon.

( )5.He goes to bed late.

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