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( )1. A. forget B. her C. work D. nurse

( )2. A. these B. father C. think D. mouths

( )3. A. any B. catch C. black D. stamp

( )4. A. book B. good C. food D. classroom

( )5. A. pens B. teachers C. apples D. cats


6. How many ____________ (猴子) does the zoo have ?

7. He listens to the teacher as ___________(仔细) as his cousin.

8. The old man lived in a __________(not quiet) street, so he couldn’t sleep well every day.

9. W___________ (the fourth day in a week) is my busiest day.

10. My ideal school starts at 9:00 a.m. and f_________ at 3:00 p.m..

三. 根据句意写出所给单词的正确形式。(1×5分)

11、Look! One of the children __________(swim)in the lake.

12、Lily is much __________(health) than her sister.

13、They _________(fly) to the UK, didn’t they ?

14、Is _________(eat) too much good or bad for your body ?

15、Mr. Lee _______________ (give) us a talk on the history of China tomorrow, isn’t he?

四. 选择最佳答案。(1×10分)

( )16.--- Could you help me , please ?

--- _____________________.

A. Yes , please . B. Yes , I could. C. Yes, I can. D. You’re welcome .

( )17.There is _____________sheep on the hill .

A. little B. a few C. a little D. few

( )18.There is ______ “h ” , ______ “o”,_______“u ” and ______ “r ” in the word “hour ”.

A. an ; an ; a ; an B. a; an; a; a C. a; an ; an; a D. an; an ; an ; an

( )19.---I had a really good weekend at my uncle’s.


A. Oh, that’s very nice of you. B. Congratulations.

C. It’s a pleasure. D. Oh, I’m glad to hear that.

( )20.---Can I get you a cup of tea?


A. That's very nice of you B. With pleasure

C. You can, please D. Thank you for the tea

( )21---Does she work here?

---No, but these days she _____ here.

A. helps B. help C. is helping D. helping

( )22. ---__________ today! ---Yes. Shall we have a picnic in the open air? 1

A. What fine weather is B. How fine weather it is

C. What a fine weather it is D. How fine the weather is

( )23. I _____tired yesterday, so I ________ go shopping with her.

A. am, don’t B. was, am not C. was, didn’t D. am, am not

( )24. ---Could you get to the park before 3 o’clock?

---__________. I’ll still be at the meeting then.

A. I think so B. Yes, I could C. I’m afraid not D. I’m afraid so

( ) 25. Miss Gao is ________teacher. She teaches _____ English.

A. our, my B. us, me C. us, our D. our, us

五. 根据明信片内容及26-30的提示语,将英文代号A-E填在相应的横线上(1×5分) To_____A________

You’re an excellent person. I am sure your new job will be a great success. Best wishes from

Mrs Bell


Wish you every success in your exams. We’ll be thinking of you. All our love,

Granny & Grandpa


People like you make the world brighter with the special things you do. Love from



Hoping that good health will soon be yours.

With very best wishes from

everyone at Better Books

To dear ____E______

Life is boring without you. Hurry back.



26_____________________ Simon is working in another city for four weeks. 27 __________________ Mary is in hospital.

28 __________________John has just started a new job.

29 __________________Karen will start her final exams next week.

30 __________________Ann cleaned her friend's house when her friend was on holiday.

六、完型填空 (1×10分)

“Where is the university?” This is a question that many visitors to Cambridge(剑桥)ask. But no one can give them a __(31)__answer, for there is no wall to be found _(32)___ the university. The university is the city. You can find classroom buildings, __(33)__, museums and offices of the university all over the city. And most of its members are the students and_(34)__ of the thirty-one colleges(学院).

Cambridge was already a_(35)_ town long before the first students and teachers 2

arrived 800 years ago. It grew up by the river Granta, and the river was once __(36)__ the Cam. A__(37)__ was built over the river as early as 875,so the town got its name “Cambridge”.

In the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries more and more land was used for college buildings. The town grew much __(38)__ in the nineteenth century after the opening of the railway in 1845.Cambridge became a__(39)__ in 1951 and now it has a population of over 100,000. Many young students in other countries_(40)_ to study at Cambridge.

( )31. A. true B. clear C. right D. wrong

( )32. A. around B. in C. near D. about

( )33. A. cinemas B. libraries C. zoos D. parks

( )34. A. parents B. farmers C. teachers D. doctors

( )35. A. interesting B. old C. new D. usual

( )36. A. said B. called C. spoken D. talked

( )37. A. bridge B. building C. station D. house

( )38. A. smaller B. slower C. slowly D. faster

( )39. A. city B. college C. country D. village

( )40. A. stop B. hate C. hope D. dislike



No.1 Business Hours

Mon.toWed. 9:30a.m.-6:00p.m. Thurs. 9:30a.m.-8:00p.m.

Fri.toSat. 9:30a.m.-6:00p.m.

Sun. closed No.3 Opening Hours


10:00a.m.-5:00 p.m.


2:30 p.m.-6:00 p.m.

No.2 Bill’s Supermarket



8:00a.m. to 8:00p.m. No.4 Opening to the Public

9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Monday to Friday

( ) 41. If you work at No.1, you have to work longer hours on_____.

A. Tuesday B. Thursday C. Saturday D. Sunday

( ) 42. Which two are open every day?

A.No.1 and No.2 B.No.1 and No.4

C.No.3 and No.4 D.No.2 and No.3

( ) 43. If four people work for the four different places, how many of them needn’t go to work

on Sunday morning?

A. One. B. Two C. Three D. Four

( ) 44. No.4 can probably be______.

A. a government(政府) office B. a hospital


C. a restaurant D. a hotel

( ) 45. Bill’s Supermarket is open ______ a day.

A.8 hours B.12 hours C.14 hours D.16 hours

八、阅读下面文章并根据要求回答问题 (1×5分)

The Arts Cinema is open 7 days a week, showing lots of American and foreign films. Next week it will show an Australian film called“Midnight Meeting”. It is set in Sydney in the 1960s. You can see that film from Monday to Thursday. It will be on twice a day at 6:30 and 9:10 in the evenings. The film lasts two hours and fifteen minutes. Tickets are $ 4, but there is a special student ticket at $2.60 for all the films. Please bring your student card if you want the cheaper ticket.

The nearest car park to the cinema is in Hamlet Street. It’s just five minutes’walk from the cinema. If you need further information, phone 8813962 during office hours-9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday.

Answer each of the following questions in no more than SIX words.(每题答案不超过6个词)

46 In which country is the film “Midnight Meeting” made? ______________________________.

47 When can people see that film? ___________________________.

48 How many minutes does the film last? __________________________________. 49 What’s the price of a student ticket? __________________________.

50 How far is it from the nearest park to the cinema? _________________________________.


Albert Einstein is one of the greatest scientists who ever lived. But he couldn’t find his way home when he went for a w 51 . He often forgot things. He had other things to think about. Science was m 52 important to him than any other thing in life. Albert Einstein was born in 1879 in Germany. When he was a child, he learned things very s 53 . Albert didn’t speak

u 54 he was three years old. His parents were w 55 about him. When he was 12, Albert began r 56 math and science books. He was excited about the t 57 he learned in those books. He became more and more interested in math and physics. He wanted to find the

a 58 to the questions about the universe. When he told people about his ideas, other scientists l 59 at him at first. But his ideas changed the world, scientists looked at the universe in a n 60 way. Because of him, we have such things as computers, televisions, and space travel today.

51._________52.___________53.____________54.___________55. ______________

56._________57.__________ 58.____________59 ____________60. ______________


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