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1. Can your father drive the car? _________________________________________.

2. How do you usually go to school? _____________________________________.

3. What’s your favourite subject?________________________________________.

4. When did you get up this morning? _____________________________________.

5. Where will you go for your summer holiday?



( )1. ______ are your books? Twenty-five yuan.

A. How many B. How much C.What

( ) 2. Look, the girls ________ in the classroom.

A dance B is dancing C. are dancing

( ) 3. What______you ______to do?

I am going to buy some food for supper.

A do; go B are; going C does; go

( ) 4. Our Chinese is very good. But my sisiter learns it much _____ than Ido.

A good B well C better

( ) 5. When is Teacher’s Day? It’s on________.

A. September 10th B. June 1st C. October 1 st

( ) 6. She is free this week, but she _____ very busy next week.

A will be; is B is; is C. is; will be

( ) 7. Look at that dress. It’s really pretty. Yes, Ilike it _____.

A very much B too C a lot

( ) 8. ____ on, we are late.

A go B. Come C. Coming

( ) 9. Would you like ______ with me? I want to buy a beautiful skirt.

Yes, I’d love to.

A going shopping B. to go shopping C. shop

( ) 10. ______ is your brother? Five years old.

A. How B. How many C. How old

( ) 11. Is that Huang Fang? ________.

A .Yes, that is. B. Yes, I am. C. Yes, speaking.

( ) 12. Thank you very much! ________.

A. Yor’re right. B. All right. C. You are welcome

( ) 13.________. My book is lost.

A. Where is it? B. What is it? C. What is wrong with you?

( ) 14. Sorry, I’m late. Miss Wang! _______.

A. No. B. OK. C. Don’t do it again.

( ) 15. Your English is good. ________.

A. Thank you. B. Not good. Certainly


1. Mr Zhang often_________________(吃晚餐) at home.

2. ___________(有) some water in the bottle.

3. How can I ____________(到达) the library?

Go straight for six minutes. Then turn right.

4. How does your brother go to school?

He goes to school ______________(走路).

5. Where is the science museum? It’s __________ (与….相邻)the cinema.

四. writing

参考下面提供的线索,以 “My English Teacher” 为题。写一篇60-70字的小作文。 tall and pretty, kind, go to school by bus, speak English well, good at dancing and singing.



五.找出A.B.各题中划线部分的读音与所给单词划线部分读音相同的一项。 ( )2008


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