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PEP四年级上册期末测试 Name Class Mark

I. 听录音,把你听到的单词的序号写在题前括号内,每题读两遍。(5分) ( )1. A. uncle B. aunt C. onion ( )2. A. fat B. fan C. fun ( )3. A. may B. many C. milk ( )4. A. phone B. photo C. plate ( )5. A. the B. they C. thin II. 听录音,找出与录音内容相对应的句子,每题读两遍。(5分) ( )1. A. No, she isn't. B. Yes, he is. ( )2. A. Sure. Here you are. B. Yes.

( )3. A. I'd like some fish for dinner. B. I like sciences. ( )4. A. He's a teacher. B. He's my brother. ( )5. A. It's under the table. B. They're on the table. III. 补全下列单词。(11分)。 1.m th (妈妈) 2.ch _ _ r (椅子)

4.r_ _ m(房间) 3.r_c_(米饭) 5.b_ b _(婴儿) 6.l_ g _ t(灯)

7._ u _ ic(音乐)


IV. 8.v_ g_t_b_ _ (蔬菜) 9._ r_ _d(面包) 11.f _ o _ r(地板) 请选出与数字相应的英语表达,将序号填在数字下面。(10分)

A.eighty-nine B.sixty C.thirty-two D.twenty E.fifty-six F.fifteen G.eight H.thirteen I.two J.eleven

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

V. 英汉互译(10分)。


horse____ cousin____ 1 floor____

puppy____ twenty____ 新的_____ 热______ VI.

doctor____ heavy____ 小的____ 狗______

pear____ schoolbag_____

风扇____ 墙壁_____ 牛肉_____

短的____ 胖______ 父母_____


( )1. My father is a driver. A. farmer B. baseball player C. flower ( )2. I'd like some chicken. A. fish B. floor C. bread ( )3. Is this your bedroom?

A. living-room B. kitchen C. classroom ( )4. I have a story-book.

A. schoolbag B. English book C. math book ( )5. The wall is white.

A. floor B. strong C. door VII 写出下列单词的适当形式。(7分)

1.short(反义词) 2.boy (对应词 3.where is(缩写形式) 4.knife(复数)

5.light(复数) 6.thin(反义词) 7.she’s (完全形式) VII. 选择填空。(10分) 1. I (have/has) a friend. 2. She (like/likes) music.

3. How many (book/books) do you have? 4. This is my (story book/story-book). 5. He has big (eyes/eye). 6. Let (me/I) clean the desks.


7. My schoolbag (is/are) heavy.

8. This is (his/he’s) photo.

9. I (am/is) a boy. 10. Do you like apples? Yes, (I/he) do.

VIII. 选择填空,将答案字母编号写在括号里 (10分) 。

( )1、How many books do you have? .

A. I have 40. B. I have a math book.

( )2、Let’s clean the desks and chairs. .

A. Let me clean the desk. B. All right.

( )3、What colour is it? .

A. It’s fat. B. It’s pink.

( )4. I have ____ English book and _____ math book.

A. a, an B. an, a

( )5. Listen _____ music.

A. to B. at

( )6. ----Are there any students in the classroom? ---- .

A. Yes, they are. B. Yes, there are.

( )7. ---- Is your brother a good student? ----

A. No, he isn't. B. No, he is.

( )8. I'd like some ______.

A. breads B. bread

( )9. ---- _______ your father?

---- He's a farmer.

A. Who's B. What's

( )10. What would you like dinner?

A. for B. to

IX. 补全对话,把正确答案的序号写在横线上(6分)。

A. Are they on the table? B. What’s your father? C. Where’s my seat?

D. May I have a look? E. What would you like? F. What’s his name?

1. Sarah:

Mike: It’s near the door.

2. Sarah:

Mike: Sure, here you are.

3. Sarah:

Mike: No, they aren’t.

4. Sarah:

Mike: I’d like some fish and vegetables, please.


5. Sarah:

Mike: My father is a doctor.

6. Sarah:

VIII .从B栏中选出A栏问句正确的答句,将序号填入题前的括号里。(10分) A栏 B栏

( )1. What’s your name? A. He’s John.

( )2. How old are you? B. His name is Mike.

( )3. How many friends do you have? C. Two pencils and five books.

( )4. What’s in your schoolbag? D. I have 4.

( )5. What color is your pen? E. Sure, here you are.

( )6. What’ s his name? F. I’m nine.

( )7. May I have a look? G. I’m fine.

( )8. Bye. H. See you.

( )9. Who’s he? I. My name is Zhang Peng.

( )10. How are you? J. Black. Mike: His name is John.

X. 连词成句(注意大小写及标点符号) 6%

1. let clean me the window ( .)

2. many English books how have you do ( ? )

3.can I see story-books eight ( . )

XI. 阅读短文,判断正误。对的打∨,错的打 ×。(5分)

My best friend is Mary. She is a cute girl. She has black hair. She is from America. She has a blue schoolbag. What’s in it? Two English books, ten story-books and a math book. She like math very much. She likes music, too. There are five people in her family.

( )1. Mary has black hair.

( )2. Mary has a red schoolbag.

( )3. There are two English books in Mary`s schoolbag.

( )4. Mary doesn`t like math.

( )5. There are four people in Mary`s family.



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