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Unit 18 Evaluating and Adapting Textbooks

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What are textbooks for? Why and what?

Evaluating textbooks
Selecting textbooks Adapting textbooks Conclusion

? Aims of the unit:
? ? ? ? ? 1. What are textbooks for? 2. Why and what do teachers evaluate and adapt? 3. How should teachers evaluate textbooks? 4. How should teachers selecttextbooks? 5. How should teachers adapt textbooks?

Part.1 What are textbooks for?
In all modern school systems the textbook has long served not only to support instruction but to symbolise that instruction, in other words, the textbook defines the curriculum.


However, as no textbook is perfect, the tasks facing teachers is how we can compensate for the disadvantages when using a textbook. This has become an increasingly important capability required of teachers.

Part.2 Why and what?
? ?

Think about your English learning experience and make a list of the materials you used. Try to be as specific as possible. Then based on the list, answer these questions:

? 1. Did you particularly like or dislike any of them? Why? ? 2. Were the titles on your list widely used then? ? 3. Are they still being used now? ? 4. When you are ready, go into groups and pool your lists.

Part.3 Evaluating textbooks
? ? ? ? ? ? On-the-page evaluation In-the-use evaluation External evaluation Internal evaluation Features of good textbooks : 1) Good textbooks should attract the students’ curiosity, interest and attention? ? 2)Textbooksshould help students feel at ease? ? 3)Textbooks should help students develop confidence?

? 4)Textbooks should meet students’ need ? ? 5)Textbooks should expose students to language in authentic use? ? 6)Features of good textbooks ? ? 7)Textbooks should take into account that the positive effects of language teaching are usually delayed ? ? 8)Textbooks should take into account that students differ in learning styles ?

? 9)Textbooks should take into account that students differ in affective factors. Features of good textbooks ? ? 10)Textbooksshould maximize learning potential by encouraging intellectual, aesthetic and emotional involvement which stimulates both right and left brain activities? ? 11)Good textbooks enable students to receive, process and retain information through “multiple intelligence”

Part.4 Selecting textbooks
? Grant(1987) designed a three-part questionnaire which can be used as a checklist when teacher select textbooks for their students. Basically the questionnaire helps teachers examine to what extent a textbook suits the students, the teacher the syllabus and examination. Refer to the threepart questionnaire developed by Grant in our textbook on pages 299-301.

Part.5 Adapting textbooks
1. Adding : means putting in more materials while taking into account

of time allocation. 2.Deleting or omitting : happens at two levels:the first is to substracting the current material by

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