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姓名:__________ 分数:__________

一、选出不同类的单词。( 10分)

( )1、A、Harbin B、Lhasa C、Beijing D、snowy ( )2.A.rainy B.sunny C.weather D. cloudy ( )3、A、hot B、weather C、warm D、cold

( )4、A、playground B、art room C、computer room D、music room ( )5、A、colour B、blue C、red D、yellow 二.按要求写单词。(5分)

1. let’s(完全形式)_________ 2.it is(缩写形式) 3. cold(反义词) 4. rain(形容词)_____________ 5.sunny(名词) __________ 三.单项选择.(10分)

( )1、 the weather like today?

A、What B、What’s C、Where’s D、How

( )2、A: are the desks? B:In the classroom. A、How B、Where C、Where’s D、Where’re ( )3、It’s today(今天).

A、sun B、a sun C、sunny D、sundy

( )4、A:Can I wear my new dress today? B: . A、Yes, you can’t. B、No, you can. C、No, you can’t. D、Yes, you are. ( )5、 It’s rainy in Beijing.

A. It’s sunny. B. What’s the matter? C. How about New York? ( )6、What’s the weather like in London? A. It’s green. B. It’s rainy. C. Not much. ( )7、It’s windy now. I close the window. A. have to B. don’t C. can’t ( ) 8、 Is it hot today?—— .

A. Yes, it isn't B. No, it is. C. No, it isn't. ( )9、________ about New York?

A. What’s B. How C. Where ( )10、_______ is the world weather. A. This B. This C. Where 四、句子搭配。(10分)

1、( ) What’s the weather like in Beijing? A. No, you can’t. 2、( ) Where is the library ? B、Yes, it is. 3、( )What time is it? C、 It’s rainy.

4、( ) Can I go outside? D、It’s twelve o’clock. 5、( ) Is it cold? E、It’s on the second floor. 五.连词成句。(5分) 1. the like in Zoucheng what’s weather (?)

2. is hot it and sunny( .)

3. time it is what ( .)

4 is rainy it (?)

5. I some can have soup (?)


( )It’s rainy. What’s the weather like in Beijing? Is it cold? ( )Hi,Chen Jie. This is Mark. ( )Can you go outside ? ( )No, it isn’t. It’s 26°.

( )Hi ,Mark.What’s the weather like in New York? ( )Yes, I can.


( )1.It’s________.Put on your sunglasses. A.windy B.sunny C.rainy

( )2.-Can I wear my dress? -________.It’s cold.

A.No,you can B.No,you can’t C.Yes,you can’t ( )3.It’s windy in Beijing. ________ Shanghai? A.How B.How about C.What’s ( )4.________ the weather like today?

A、What B、What’s C、Where’s ( )5.It’s snowy and________ today. A.hot B.sunny C.cold ( )6.It’s warm today.Can I ______ outside? A.wear B.go C.went ( )7.Today is windy________ Kunming. A.on B.in C.at ( )8.This is the________ report.

A.English B.weather C.music

( )9.________ cold in Beijing? -- No, it isn’t

A. It is B. Is it C.It’s ( )10. ---________! It’s very hot.

A. Huh B.Hello C.Be careful

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