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第一卷 (75分)

一、 语音知识。(5分)


( )1. ( )2. ( )3. ( )4. ( )5. 二、 语言知识与运用。(20分)


( ) 6. ---Do you often play __________ table tennis ?

---Yes, usually after __________ supper.

A. the…the B. 不填…不填 C. 不填…the D. the…不填

( )7. --- Can you ________ Japanese ?

--- Yes, but I can only _______ some simple words and


A. speak … speak B. speak…say

C.say…say… D. say… speak

( )8.---Is the novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer __________ ? --- No, it’s Helen’s. I left _________ at home.

A. your’s…mine B. your’s …it C. yours…it yours…mine

( )9.--- ________ drink does your husband like better, coffee or tea ? --- ________._ He likes CoCo Cola.

A. What.. Both B. What.. Neither

C. Which..Both D. Which… Neither

( )10.---Hi, Doris! Do you have anything __________ this weekend ?

---Yes. I’m going to take part in my grandmother’s birthday

party.It is her __________ birthday.

A. doing…eightieth B. doing…eightith

C. to do…eightieth D. to do… eightieth

( )11. ---We will have a hiking trip tomorrow, but ____ shall we meet?

--- Let’s make it __________ half past nine.

A. where…at B. when…in C. when…at D. where.. in

( )12.---I’m sorry, Lucy. I can’t go for the picnic this Saturday.

--- _________ Let’s make is __________ half past nine.


A. Because B. As C. But D. For

( )13. Mrs White is as _____ as Mrs Brown, but she looks much ____.

A. old, younger B. old, young

C. older, younger D. older, younger

( )14. ---Would you please drive __________? My plane is taking off

( 起飞 ) soon.

---I’d love to, but safety first.

A. faster B. better C. more carefully D. much quickly

( )15. ---I called you yesterday evening, but no one answered. --- Well, maybe I __________ in the garden.

A. work B. am working C. will work D. was working

( )16. ---Where __________ she put knife ?

--- She put it on the table.

A. did B. needn’t C. is D. was

( )17. --- Where __________ she put the knife?

--- No, you __________. I have asked others to do it.

A. can’t B. does C. is D. was

( )18. --- Linda, _________ can we go to the cinema ?

--- We can ask Tom ________ together with us. He has got a car.

A. Who… to go B. How… to go

C. Who… goes D. How… goes

( )19.---Would you like to drink some tea ?

--- Thanks. Ah, __________ nice tea!

A. nicely… good B. how a C. what a D. how

( )20.--- My sister has a __________ English teacher.

--- That’s why she can learn English so __________.

A. nicely.. good B. nice… good

C. nice… well D. nicely…well

( )21.---My daughter is ill in hospital these days.

--- __________ .

A. Really? B. I’m sorry to hear that

C. It’s hard to say. D. Thank you for telling me

( )22. It is his __________ time to say for yourself?

A. fourth B. the forth C. forth D. the fourth

( )23.--- Do you have __________ to say for yourself ?

---No, nothing.

A. anything important B. something important

C. important anything D. important something


( )24. __________ me and __________ go alone. It’s dangerous.

A. To come after, don’t B. Come after, not to

B. Come after, don’t D. To come after, not to

( )25.--- You mean “__________” ?

--- Yes, I look after them every day.

A. much sheep B. many she sheep C. a sheep D. many sheeps



“What’s the matter, Mum ?”

As soon as I entered the door, I found that my mum was unhappy. Usually she would open the door and welcome me with a smile! “She is dying,” Mum said _____26_____. I knew what she said. The flower was dying.

A month ago, we _____27_____into out new house and Mum bought a very beautiful flower. Mum liked it very much. When she was free, she would sit beside the flower and enjoyed its beautiful color and sweet ____28______.

She looked after it _____29_____ , just like looking after a baby. She put the flower by the window ____30______ moved it from one place _____31_____ another to give the flower enough _____32_____. The first thing she got up every morning was to water the flower.

She hoped that with great care, the flower would become more and more beautiful. _____33_____ it was dying because of too much sunshine and water.

It’s true that Mum loved the flower. But this kind of love could be _____34_____. Love could sometimes kill _____35_____ you love.

( )26. A. loudly B. excitedly C. quickly D. sadly

( )27. A. moved B. went C. ran D. lived

( )28. A. taste B. smell C. sound D. size

( )29. A. carefully B. careful C. happily D. luckily

( )30. A. so B. but C. and D. after

( )31. A. at B. for C. to D. by

( )32.A. time B. place C. water D. sunshine

( )33. A. if B. But C. Because D. Or

( )34. A. useful B. important C. bad D. good

( )35. A. how B. that C. which D. what



New rules and behavior standards ( 行为标准 ) for middle school students have come out. Middle schools are going to use a way to decide who the top students are. _____36_____ best students won’t only have high marks. The following are some of the new rules.

Tell the truth. Have you ever copied (抄袭 ) from others ____37______ an exam ? _____38_____ it again. That is not what an honest student should do. _____39_____ you have played computer games for two hours, don’t tell your parents you have done your homework for two hours.

Good students should love animals and people. April is Bird-loving Mouth in China. Is your school doing anything ____40______? You should join. You can learn more about animals and how to protect ( 保护 ) ___41______.

Protect ____42______ well. If you have to go home _____43_____, you should let your parents know.

Use the Internet carefully. The Internet can be useful for your studies. But some things on the Internet _____44_____ good for you. So try to look at web pages that are ______45____ for you.

( )36. A. A B. An C. The D. 不填

( )37. A. behind B. in C. off D. without

( )38. A. Not do B. Do C. Don’t do D. Doing

( )39. A. Because B. So C. But D. If

( )40.A.celebrate B. celebrating C. to celebrating D. celebrated

( )41. A. them B. it C. they D. themselves

( )42. A. you B. youself C . yourself D. yours

( )43. A. late B. lately C. early D. fast

( )44. A. isn’t B. aren’t C. are D. is

( )45. A. bad B. lucky C. beautiful D. good



Green Restaurant has many kinds of food. Here is a menu.(菜单) Appetizer (开胃小吃)

Salad Roll: $1.75

Fried Fish : Small (4 pieces) $ 4.95; Large (8pieces ) $8.95 4

Brown Rice: $1.5


Egg Soup: $1.25

Chicken with Fresh Mushroom Soup: 4.95$


Spiced (辣的) onion : $6.95

Chinese cabbage:$6.95

Chinese Broccoli with Tomato Sauce: $7.95


Chicken with Fresh Broccoli: $8.5

Pork with Fresh Vegetable: $8.95

Beef with Broccoli: $8.95

Beef with Green Pepper: $8.95

( )46. How many kinds of food are there in Green Restaurant?

A. 4 B. 5 C.6 D. 7

( )47. What kinds of food is Salad Roll ?

A. Soup B. Vegetable C. Meat D. Appetizer

( )48. How many pieces of fish are there is the same as the one of __________ .

A. 6 B. 4 C. 8 D. 7

( )49. The price(价钱)of Beef with Broccoli is the same one of __________.

A. Spiced Onion B. a large Fried Fish

C. Chicken with Fresh Broccoli

D. Chicken with Fresh Mushroom Soup

( )50. If you want a Brown Rice, a Chinese Cabbage and a Chicken

with Fresh Broccoli, how much do you need to pay?

A. $10 B. $8.45 C. $18.5 D. $ 16.95


Tom is a middle school student. He used to be a good student. All things changed completely when he was ten.

One day his father came back home with a big present--- a new computer! It would be Tom’s birthday three days’ later, on the 12 June. Tom always wanted to have a computer very much, so he was very happy. In the following days he played computer games all the time except eating and sleeping. Soon he became very good at it. He began to play 5

computer games day and night and even had no time for dinner and sleep. He didn’t want to study hard any more and he was often late for school. Sometimes he even didn’t go to school. Soon he got band grades and even failed exams. His father was very angry with him and wanted to throw the computer away.

Tom went to his class teacher for help. “You are a clever boy and you have your own bobby. That’s good thing. But you are going too far…” the teacher said.

Tom decided to changed his mind ( 想法 ) and bad hobbies, and study hard again.

( )51. When did Tom’s father buy a computer ?

A. On June 7th B. On June 8th C. On June 9th D. On June 12th

( )52. Tom’s father brought him a computer because _________.

A. he wanted Tom to play games

B. he wanted Tom to learn computer

C. it would be Tom’s birthday present

D. Tom’s father has a lot of money

( )53. Tom’s father was angry and _________.

A. he didn’t let Tom play games again

B. he sold the computer

C. he told the teacher about it

D. he wanted to throw the computer away

( )54. Who made Tom change his mind ?

A. Tom’s father B. Tom’s class teacher

C. Tom’s classmate D. Tom’s friend

( )55. What is the best title for the passage ?

A. Don’t Go Too Far with Your Hobby

B. How to learn computer ?

C. Computer can be bad for your health.

D. Don’t play games.


Everybody wants to have a happy life. The problem is that no one teaches you how to live a happy life. Here are many ways and here are three of them to help you start.

What is happiness?

I often hear people say they want to be happy. But when I ask them 6

what happiness is to them, they don’t know how to explain it. If you don’t know what happiness is to you, happiness is only a word.

Have goals(目标)

,If you know what makes you happy, you need too have goals to those things. You can’t get happiness if you only want it, but don’t make is come.

Don’t do things that make you unhappy

This may seem very easy but you would be surprised how many people do things that make them unhappy. If you want happiness in your life, you have to do things that make you happy.

( )56. According to the passage, everybody wants to _________ .

A. have a good job B. travel around the world

C. have a lot of money D. live a happy life

( )57.For many people, it is _________ to explain what happiness is.

A. easy B. boring C. difficult D. exciting

( )58. What does the underlined (划线) sentence mean ?

A. We don’t know what happiness is.

B. Happiness never comes to the people who want it.

C. We should do something to get happiness.

D. We can get happiness easily.

( )59. Which of the following is NOT true ?

A. If you know what makes you happy, you need to have goals to get

those things.

B. If you don’t know what happiness is to you, happiness is only a


C. Many people do things that make them unhappy.

D. Everybody knows clearly how to live a happy life.

( )60. What is the best title for this passage ?

A. Three ways to have a good job.

B. Three ways to start a happy life.

C. Three things that makes you successful.

D. Three things that you can’t do in your life.

第二卷 (25分)


1. My grandma t_________ English in a middle school ten years ago.

2. There are some public l_________ in Guangzhou. You can borrow books from them.


3.Your father is sleeping. Please keep q_________.

4. We learn many s_________ at school such as English , maths and Chinese.

5. Go s_________ ahead along the street for 5 minutes and you will see the hospital.


A: Hi, Betty. Good news for you. You won first prize in the English competition.

B: Wow! I’m so glad to hear that. Who told you about it?

A: Our English teacher _____1____. She said three of the students in our class won the prizes.

B: What ____2_____ you ?

A: I was the winner, too. I think I was lucky this time.

B: I’m looking at the photos.

A: Really? May I have a look?

B: Sure, here you are.

A: Ah! _____3____ nice photo they are! ____4_____ did you take them?

B: Don’t you see the Summer Palace ?

A: Oh, you’ve ____5_____ to Beijing! What kinds of camera did you take with you ?

B: I have a digital one.

A: How much did you pay for it.

B: It ____6_____ me 4500 yuan.

A: You are so rich. I want to buy ____7_____, too. But I have not enough money.

B: I _____8____ buy it myself. My father bought it ____9_____ last term.

A: By the way, I am going out for a picnic tomorrow afternoon. Would you please ____10_____ me your camera?

B: Sure!

A: Thanks. I will return to you the day after tomorrow.



__________ very tiring and difficult __________ finish the project.



__________ began to study dinosaur __________ then ___________.


He ________ up at six this morning. He then got up quickly and _________ a letter.


_________ the language they speak _________ ___________ yours?


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