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小学英语四年级下册Unit 4单元测试题

笔 试 部 分


( ) (1) A. tomatoes B. potatoes C. horse ( ) (2) A. cow B. sheep C. goat ( ) (3) A. these B. those C. garden ( ) (4) A. hens B. carrots C. green beans ( ) (5) A. small B. big C. green

二、选词填空,将其字母编号写在括号里。 ( )1. What are these? Goats. A. These are B. It’s C. They’re

( )2. How many horses are there? A. There are two. B. They’re two. C. Those are two. ( ) 3. This my farm. A. are B. is C. a

( ) 4. Are they horses? No, donkeys. A. they’re B. it’s C. they

( the greens. They are so long. A. in B. at C. on

三、看左边的问句,从右边中选出合适的答语并将其字母编号写在题前的括号里。( )1. What are these? A. I have three. ( )2. What’s the weather like in Beijing? B. No, they aren’t. ( )3. How many hens are there? C. There are 11. ( )4. Are these potatoes? D. It’s rainy. ( )5. How many cows do you have? E. They’re horses. 四、选择

( )1. It’s rainy in Beijing.

A. It’s sunny.

B. B. What’s the matter? C. How about New York?

( )2. What’s the weather like in London? A. It’s green. B. It’s rainy. C. Not much. ( )3. It’s windy now. I close the window. A. have to B. don’t C. can’t ( )4. Amy. What are you ?

A. do B. going C. doing ( )5. Let’s _________ play football.

A. to B. / C. for

( )6. Where my shorts? A. is B. and C. are ( )7. Can I wear my new coat?

A. Yes, I can’t. B. No, you can’t. C. Yes, he can. ( )8. What is _______like today?

A. it B. weather C. the weather


1、those what are(?)2、these are potatoes(?)3、many do how have you(?)4、is this farm my(.)5、are they green beans(.) 六、阅读理解,判断对错,对的打“T”,错的打“F”。(10分)

It's a sunny day in the farm today. My aunt has a farm. The farm is very small. There are twelve horses, sixteen cows and fifty hens. My aunt likes tomatoes very much. So she has many tomatoes in the farm. Look! The tomatoes are red. They are very beautiful. ( )1、My aunt has a big farm. ( )2、There are twelve horses. ( )3、The tomatoes are green.

( )4、My aunt likes potatoes very much. ( )5、It's sunny in the farm today.


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