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学校____ 班级____ 姓名____ 得分____



( )1. A. Sunday B. some C. Science D. study ( )2. A. dad B. bed C. bag D. bad ( )3. A. fever B. five C. free D. feel ( )4. A. toothache B. headache C. backache D. earache ( )5. A. 123 B. 132 C. 321 D. 231 ( )6. A. at nine B. at once C. at school D. an Art ( )7. A. at home B. after lunch C. after supper D. after school ( )8. A. I still feel ill. B. I feel ill. C. I am ill. D. I am still ill. ( )9. A. have got B. have get C. has got D. have get ( )10. A. Take some medicine and have a lot of rest.

B. Take some medicine and have lots of rest.

C. Take some medicine and have a lot of water.

D. Take some medicine and have some water.


1. 2. 3. 4.

( ) ( ) ( ) (

5. 6. 7.


( ) ( ) ( ) (


( )1. A. I have three. B. There are three. C. We are three.

( )2. A. I am Mike. B. Sorry, wrong number. C. This is Mike speaking. ( )3. A. Monday. B. Sunday. C. Saturday.

( )4. A. I’ve got a new car. B. I feel thirsty. C. I’ve got a headache. ( )5. A. Yes, they do. B. Yes, they are. C. Yes, they have. ( )6. A. I don’t like Art. B. I’d like Math lesson. C. English.

) )


1、the first lesson _ 2、take some medicine __

3、an interesting subject__4、

5、have a lot of rest ___6、在星期四____

7、八门学科 _____ 8、重感冒______

9、呆在床上 _____10、在两个星期里___


( )1. We have nine ____ this term.

A. subject B. lessons

C. subjects D. classes

( )2. ____ do you feel now?

A. How about B. How

C.What about D. What

( )3. We have three lessons __ the morning.

A. in B. on C. at D. with

( )4. ------I’ve got a fever. ------__.

A. Thank you. B. Great!

C. I’m sorry to hear that. D.That’s all right.

( )5. ------I like PE very much. __ ------ I like Art.

A. It’s interesting. B. How about you?

C. Me, too. D. Do you like PE?

( )6. ------Hello! May I speak to Nancy?


A. Yes, speaking. B. Yes, I am Nancy. C. No, I’m not Nancy. D. No, you don’t.

( )7. We don’t have ____ lessons today.

A. a B. an C. some D. any

( )8. It is ____ Monday morning.

A. on B. at C. in D. /

( )9. My father works ____ Monday to Friday.

A. on B. in C. from D. at

( )10. What’s wrong with ____? He’s got a headache.

A. he B. her C. him D. his


Ⅱ ( )1. May I speak to Miss Li? ( )2. What day is it today? ( )3. What’s 123 plus 321? A. It’s Sunday. B. We have three. C. I’m ill.

E. I’m sorry to hear that. ( )4. Can you tell me at once? D. Yes, I can. ( )5. How many PE lessons do you have a week?

( )6. I like Art. How about you?

( )7. What’s wrong with you? F. I like English. G. It’s 444.

( )8. Why are you absent today? H. Yes, this is Miss Li speaking. ( )9. I’ve got a bad cough. I. I feel cold.

( )10. How do you feel now? J. I’ve got a backache.


1. My mother often washes clothes ___.

2. Who ________ today?

3. ------ __with your watch? —It doesn’t work.

4. We work for a long time. Let’s ____.

5. The present is very good. Thanks ___.

6. The classes __ at four o’clock in the afternoon.


1. Mike _(have) a Chinese lesson now.

2. I have seven __(lesson) every day.

3. Su Yang calls __(she) after breakfast.

4. Yang Ling _(have) got a stomachache.

5. What subjects ___he __(have) at school?

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