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11.3 确定

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Super Kids 1

? First, look at the picture. Then answer the questions: 1. What’ s this? 2. Which letter is missing?

p p _ur_le

j _uice

b k _lac_

_ix s

z _ero

_ea t

c d _an_y

_a_e c k

_ o _ange r

f _our

e_e_en l v

g n _ree_

r _ _own b

_a_er w t

f v _i_e

n o_e

r _ce i _

_oo_ b k

m e_ r _oth_

p n _e_

pencil _a_e c s

n b _ote_ook

p c _en_il

s o _l _ch_ o bag

er little b _roth_ _

_ b _ue l

s e _ r big _ist_

m _il_ k

p CD _ _ayer l

_ c _ic_en h k

little _i_ter s s

b _oth_ r e_ r big _

s v _e_en

f t _er _a_ h

y _e_ l _ow l

e _igh_ t

_e_ t n

_e_ r d

nn _i_e

r l _u_er

p k _in_

ch _ _air

c p t _om_u_er

k d s_ _e_

g d e_ r _ran_moth_

_ t _ree h

d _oor

b d _oar_

c k _loc_

s k _na_e

c on _ray_ _

f s_ h _i_

b d _ir_

_ur_le t t

_ams_er h t

r bb _a_ _it

c _a_ t

r d a bike _i_e

d _raw

k t fly a _i_e

s b d _kate_oar_

s t _ka_e

s_ tra_ h can

s m _wi_

b _oth_ r e_ r little _

g d e_ r _ran_fath_

t _wo

g d _o_

Practice the dialog:
A: What’s he/she doing? What are they doing? B: He/She is … They are …

fly-flying flying a kite

? What’s he doing? ? He’s flying a kite.

listen-listening listening to music

? What’s he doing? ? He’s listening to music.

read-reading reading a book

? What’s he doing? ? He’s reading.

sing- singing sing a song

? What’s he doing? ? He’s singing.

take-taking taking pictures

? What is the cat doing? ? It’s taking pictures.

row-rowing rowing a boat

? What’s he doing? ? He’s rowing a boat.

draw- drawing drawing pictures

? What’s she doing? ? She’s drawing pictures.

play-playing playing badminton

? What ‘s she doing? ? She’s playing badminton.

drink-drinking drinking soya milk

? What’s are they doing? ? They are drinking soya milk.

do-doing doing taijiquan

? What’s is he doing? ? He’s doing taijiquan.

play-playing playing basketball

? What are they doing? ? They are playing basketball.

watch-watching watching TV

? What are they doing? ? They are watching TV.


? What are they doing? ? They are running.

ride-riding riding bikes

? What are they doing? ? They are riding bikes.

play-playing playing football

? What are they doing? ? They are playing football.

play-playing playing table-tennis

? What’s she doing? ? She’s playing table-tennis.


? What’s he doing? ? He’s swimming.

play-playing playing chess

? What are they doing? ? They are playing chess.

The end

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