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五. 读一读、选一选。(10分)

( )1.—Have some fruit. ——_____________.

A. Thank you. B.OK. C. Good!

( )2.—Who’s this boy? —_______________.

A. He is my father. B .He is my brother. C. She is my sister. ( )3.—What do you like? —______________.

A. No, I don’t. B. Yes, I do. C. I like


( )4.—Where are you from ?—________________.

A. I from China B. I am from China. C. I from the UK.

( )5.—Is it on the desk ?—____________.

A. Yes, it isn’t B .No, it is. C. No, it isn’t. ( )6.The dog _____ small ears.

A. has B. have C. are

( )7.—Mom, _____is my car? —It’s in the box.

A. where B. what C. who

( )8.______about you?

A. Who B. What C. Where

( )9.—_________________? —Sure. Here you are.

A. Can I have a pear? B. Where is the pear?

( )10. The panda is from _____.

A. USA B. UK C. China

六、找出与句中划线部分单词意思相反的词。(5分) ( )1.Look!The giraffe is so tall.

A. short B. big C. fat

( )2.The man is my grandpa.

A. boy B. girl C. woman

( )3.The rabbit has a short tail.

A. small B. long C. short

( )4.The panda has black eyes.

A. brown B. red C. white

( )5.Wow!The mouse is so small.

A. big B. tall C. short

七. 情景选择 (5分)

( )1.你想向你的妈妈介绍Miss White,应该怎么说?

A.This is my mother. B.This is me. C.This is my teacher.

( )2.在同学家做客,你想吃西瓜时,可以说:

A.Can I have some watermelons, please? B.I want to have watermelons.

C.Can you have some bananas, please?

( )3.如何表达:你有多少个气球?

A.How many balloons can you see?

B.How many balls do you have? C.How many balloons do you have?

( )4.你的玩具汽车不见了,你该怎么询问呢?

A.Where is my car? B.Where is my toy car? C.What is my car?

( )5. 询问别人来自哪里应该说:

A. What are you from? B. Where are you from?


1. tiger 2.grandma 3.box 4.twelve 5. apple 6. orange 7.sister 8.chair 9.ten 10.fox 表示数字的有_________________表示人物的有__________________



九. 看图选择正确的句子,填在题前的括号内。( 5分 )


2. 3. 4. 5. ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

( )

A. I can see 15 flowers. B. Put the cap under the desk.

C. Bounce the ball. D. The panda is fat. E. This is my grandpa.


1. ① giraffe ② Look ③ at ④ the (.)

2. ① has ② It ③ a ④ long ⑤ nose (.)

3. ① car ② my ③ is ④ Where (?)

4. ① you ② like ③ Do ④ grapes (?) 十一. 阅读短文,回答问题,将正确的答案的序号填入括号内。(5分) Tom is twelve years old. He is a student. He lives in Zhongshan Street. He likes grapes and apples. He likes pigs,dogs, cats and horses. ( ) 1. Tom is a boy. ( ) 2. Tom is twenty.

( ) 3. Tom lives in Huangshan Street.

( ) 4. Tom doesn’t like grapes and apples ( ) 5. Tom likes animals.

十二.从B栏中选择A栏的答语。(10分) 新 课 标 第 一 网


( )1.We have two new friends today. A. Yes ,she is. ( )2.Nice to see you again . B. She’s my mother.

( )3.How many cars do you have? C. Welcome. ( )

4.Where are you from ? D. Nice to see you ,too.( )5.Is she your mother? E. No, it isn’t. ( ) 6. Who's that woman? F. We have twenty. ( ) 7. Is it in your toy box? G. I’m from Canada. ( )8.Look at the giraffe. H . Yes , I do. ( )9.Can I have some bananas? I. Wow. It’s so tall. ( )10.Do you like oranges? J. Sure, here you are.

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