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1、 听力练习(选出你所听到的单词)

( )A bike B five C lime ( )A kite B mike C time ( )A rice B nice C bite ( )Adine B fine C write ( )A mine B line C side ( )A rice B file Cslide ( )A rice B nice C bite

2、 根据汉语提示写出相应单词。

1)this is a _________ __________ (新的街道)。

2)the houses are very nice and ___________.(漂亮的)

3) Please ________________.(等等)

4)___________ _____________.(快点)

5)The windows are __________(蓝色的) and the door is __________(白色的).


bike ____________ ride_____________ nine___________

time ____________ five_____________ mike__________

This is a beautiful house.______________________________________

Do you like blue? Yes. I do._____________________________________

Do you like yellow? No, I don’t.___________________________________

The sheep is white. ________________________________

The frog is green.__________________________________

4、 请按正确书写格式抄写一遍。

What colours have you got? Please come to the front, show and tell us.

Hello! My cap is blue. My bag is orange and my shorts are green.

My favorite colour is white. I like it very much. My house is white and my shoolbag is white,too.

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