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六 年 级 英 语 期 中 测 试 卷 ( )4. —Let’s _____ a picnic. —Good idea! A. have B. has C. had (2013~2014学年度第二学期) ( )5. It’s going to _______ in Harbin tomorrow. A. hot B. be hot C. is hot ( )6. There are many apples _____ the tree. A . for B. in C. on ( )7. —_______ your mum? —She’s at the supermarket.. A. Where B. Who’s C. Where’s 一、在四线三格中正确写出五个元音字母大小写。(5分) ( )8. —He has _____ stamps , but I don’t have _______. A. some some B. some any C. any some ( )9. Some are getting ______the bus, but some are getting ______the bus. 二、找出不同类。(5分) A. off on B. on out C. in off ( )1. A. hamburger B. orange juice C. hot dog D. chicken ( )10. The teacher drew letters ______ her hand. ( )2. A. Thursday B. yesterday C. Friday D. Sunday A. for B. in C. on ( )3. A. trumpet B. baseball C. football D. basketball ( )11. I like ______ my bicycles. It’s my hobby. ( )4. A. Helen Keller B. Confucius C. Yang Liwei D. Dad A. ride B. riding C. rode ( )5. A. bought B. did C. sold D. have ( )12. —Have you got a Chinese book _____ an English book? —I have got a Chinese book. A. and B. or C. with 三、词汇(20分) ( )13. We____________ in 2000 in our class. 1. 英汉互译(10分) A. was born B. were born C. are born 汉堡__________ 棒球___________ 楼梯___________ 错误____________ ( )14. DaMing can ____ a kite, _____I can’t. 照耀__________ 飘走___________ 飞行员_______ 模范_____________ A. fly, and B. fly, but C. flying, but ( )15. ---_______ did the girl into space? 不要担心 __________ 世界各地 _________________ ---Because she wanted to be a star.. space travel______________ practise my English______________ A. What B. Where C. Why 中学____________ ( )16. I bought a pen _____ my sister, and gave it ______ her yesterday. A. to with B. in to C. for to 2.按要求写单词(10分) ( )17. It’s easy _____ make mistakes ______English. worry(三单形式)________ woman(复数)________ spend(过去式)___________ A. to to B. with to C. to with ( )18. That day, we _____ very happy, and he ______ happy, too. take(过去式)_________ laugh(反义词)_________ shop(现在分词)___________ A. were was B. was were C. were were loud(副词)__________ Let’s(完整形式)__________ hour(同音词)___________ ( )19. Yang Liwei’s son _____ very pround ______ him. this(复数)__________ A. was of B. are for C. was to 四、单项选择。(每小题1分,共19分) 五、选择正确的答语。(共10分) ( )1. --How ______ is it? --It’s about seven _______ ( )1. What are you going to study? A.I’m going on foot. A. much, dollars B. many, dollars C. much ,dollar ( )2. What day is it today? B. He is eight years old... ( )2. Some friends ____ in.Simon’s dog ____ in,too ( )3. How are you going to go to Beijing? C.Daming’s mum made it.. A. come,come B. come,comes C. comes,comes ( )4. Who made this cake yesterday? D. It’s Friday. ( )3. Look! They ____ the classroom now. ( )5. How old is he? E. I’m going to study Chinese. A. cleaning B. are clean C. are cleaning ( )6. What's this in English? F. It's red.

( )7. What colour is it? G.You’re welcome. 第1页(共2页)

( )8. Is it a Chinese car? H. It’s about animals. ( )9. What’s it about?. I. It's an apple. ( )10. Thank you very much. J. Yes, it is. 六、选词填空,请将答案写到横线上。(共6分)

1.. __________ milk do you want?

2. __________ boys are there in your glass?

3. First Yang Liwei became a pilot , ___________then he became a taionaut. 4. Amy _____three apples.

5. She’s got an email in French, _________she can’t read it. 6. Ling and I __________ same picture books. 七、按要求写句子。(共20分)

1. do eat you what to want(连词成句) ________________________________________- 2. going snow Harbin it’s to in (连词成句) _________________________________________ 3. are falling the down stairs apples my (连词成句) _________________________________________ 4. I bought you a book. (写出同义句 ) _______________________________________- 5. really I excited am (连词成句)

________________________________________ 6. There are lots of apples on the desk. (变为一般疑问句)

_______________________________________________ 7. 对划线部分提问)


8. What a mess!(翻译句子)


9. space the Russia first sent animal into(连词成句) ___________________________________________ 10. Did you go to a park?(做否定回答)

___________________________________________ 八、阅读理解。(共15分)


It is Saturday.The Browns are at home.Mrs Brown is in the kitchen.She’s making apple pies.The pies she makes are very delicious.Do you want to have a taste?Mr Brown isn’t in the living room.He is outside.He is washing his car.The car is new and very beautiful。So he looks after it very well.Jim is in the garden.He is playing football


with some other boys.Where is his sister,Sue?She’Ann. They are watching the Animal World. 选出正确答案,填在题前括号内。

1 There are _____ people in Mr Brown’s family。 A six B four C two D three 2 Mrs Brown is ____.

A making apple pies B watching TV C washing D eating a cake 3 Mr Brown looks after _____very well.

A Mrs Brown B his daughter C his family D his car 4 Who are playing outside? _____

A Mrs Brown and Sue B Some boys C Sue and Ann D Some girls 5 Sue and Ann are ____.

A watching TV in the living room B playing football in the open air C watching TV in Sue's room D playing in Ann's room


Middle School. He gets up early every day. He isn’t la We all like him, too.


“ T ”, 错的填“ F ”.

( )1. He gets up late every day.

( )2. He often teaches us English.

( )3. After class , he likes singing and playing basketball. ( )4. On Sunday he often helps his mother clean the house. ( )5. He doesn’t like Chinese food.

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