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一、 语音知识。(每小题1分,共5分) 找出划线部分单词读音与其他三个不同的单词。 ( ( (



二、单项选择(30分,每道题1.5分)。 ( ) 6. He was born ______ September 27th, 1986.

A. in


C. /

D. of

( )7. ____ role she played in the film! A. How interesting

B.How an interesting D. What an interesting

C. a little C. were

D. many more D.was D.not lend D. has he

C.What interesting A. much more

A. is

( ) 8. This piece of music is _______popular than that one.

B. much

( ) 9. One of these American students ___going to come to our school next term.


( ) 10. You'd better _______the book to others. A.don't lend A. hasn’ t he

B.not to lend

C.didn't lend

( ) 11. Mr Green has never been to Japan, _______?

B. doesn’t he C. have they

( ) 12. ---Must I clean the room now?

----No, you ___. A.mustn’t

A.turn it on



D.may not

( ) 13. I can hardly hear the radio. Would you please ____?

B.turn it down C.turn it up

D.turn it off

( )14. ---Would you like some chicken ? ---_______.I've had enough. A. Yes, thank you. C.That's all right

A. will rain

B.No, thanks D.Just fine.

( ) 15.We won’t go on a picnic if it _____ tomorrow.

B. doesn’t rain C. won’t rain D. rains


( ) 16. I’m going to buy_____ bananas this afternoon. There’s nothing.

A. a few B. a little

C. few D. little ( )17.This book is ____ for a seven-year-old child to read. A. too much difficult C.much too difficult

A.and B.too more difficult D.more too difficult D. so ( )18.Get up early, _____ you will miss the earliest bus. B. or C. but

( )19. ________ will you finish the work? - In two hours.

A. How often B. How soon C. How long D. How far

( have a yellow dress, and I don’t have one, .

A .am not ,too B .don’t , too C .doesn’t , either D. don’t , either

( )21. This birthday cake is _________. I made it by ________ this morning.

A. me, me B. mine, myself C. my, me D. mine, my

( )22. I _______ 20 yuan to David yesterday.

A. borrowed B. spent C. paid

( )23. I’v got a toothache. I’m going to the__________.

A. park B. dentist C. teacher D.engineer

( ) 24. You look beautiful today ! .

A . No , I am not . B. Sure C. Of course D. Thank you

( ) 25. They like music and enjoy ______ songs.

A. to sing B. sing C. singing D.sang


Mr. Jenkins lives in a town. He works in a museum. There are a lot of old wonderful things in it. He likes his work and often goes to work on time. One day he left his office at twelve. He went to eat . As soon as he went out of the gate,he met an old friend of .They hadn’t seen each other for about five years. Of course they were very friend asked him .He agreed him,and they went into a restaurant. There they drank a lot. Then his friend said,“Perhaps you’ve drunk now. Let me help you to your “No,no,”said Mr. Jenkins. “My office is only walk. I can go there When his friend left,it was for him to stand. He was afraid to be late and stopped a taxi. When he got on,the driver asked,“Where are you going,sir?” “To the Park Street.” “Oh!sir,”the 2 D. Lent

driver said in a hurry. “It’s just the Park Street.” “OK!”Mr. Jenkins said and got off. He brought out some money and threw it to the driver. He shouted,“But don’t drive so fast next time!” ( ) 26.A.anything ( ) 27.A.he

( ) 28.A.happy ( ) 29.A.to have ( ) 30.A.to ( ) 31.A.home ( ) 33.A.me

B.something B.him B.angry B.no

C.nothing D.everything C.his D.himself C.sorry D.surprised C.eat D.for lunch C.with D.for C.factory D.office C.mine C.happy

D.myself D.afraid

B.to drink B.house B.my

( ) 32.A.two minute ( ) 34.A.difficult

B.two minute’s C.two minutes’ D.two minutes’s B.easy B.Sorry

( )35.A.Thank you

四、阅读理解(30分)。 Visit Swansea Zoo

C.Certainly D.I’d love to


Come and see the Indian elephants and the new tiger from America.The bears are waiting to meet you, and the monkeys from China are waiting to throw things at you.The lovely dogs from Australia are waiting to laugh at you,and the giraffes from Zambia are waiting to look down on you. Tickets

Grown-ups:$2.00 Children:over 12,$1.00 Under 12:Free Opening Time 9: 00 a.m. --- 4:00 p.m. Except (除了)Friday 10: 00 a.m. --- 3: 00 p.m. Keep the zoo clean!

Do not touch, give food or go near the animals.

( ) 36.How many kinds of animals are mentioned (被提及) in the passage? A.Four.




( )37.Now Mr. Smith is in the zoo with her two sons,one is 14 and the other is


10,how much are the tickets together?

A.$ 4. 00 B.$ 3. 00 C.$ 2. 00 D.$ 1. 00 ( ) 38.Which of the following is the visiting time? A.8: 30 a. m. Monday C.3: 00 p. m. Sunday A.tall B.9: 30 a. m. Friday D.5: 00 p. m. Tuesday C.strong D.fat ( ) 39.From the passage we can guess the animal “giraffe” must be very _______. B.long ( ) 40.Which of the following can we do in the zoo? A.To give some food to the fish. B.To touch the monkeys on the heads. C.To throw things to the bears

D.To take a few nice photos.


Everybody wants to have a happy life. The problem is that no one teaches you how to live a happy life. Here are many ways and here are three of them to help you start. What is happiness?

I often hear people say they want to be happy. But when I ask them what happiness is to them, they don’t know how to explain it. If you don’t know what happiness is to you, happiness is only a word.

Have goals(目标)

,If you know what makes you happy, you need to have goals to get those things. Don’t do things that make you unhappy

This may seem very easy but you would be surprised how many people do things that make them unhappy. If you want happiness in your life, you have to do things that make you happy.

( )41. According to the passage, everybody wants to _________ .

A. have a good job B. travel around the world

C. have a lot of money D. live a happy life

( )42.For many people, it is _________ to explain what happiness is.

A. easy B. boring C. difficult D. exciting

( )43.What does the underlined (划线) sentence mean ?

A. We don’t know what happiness is.

B. Happiness never comes to the people who want it.


C. We should do something to get happiness.

D. We can get happiness easily.

( )44. Which of the following is NOT true ?

A. If you know what makes you happy, you need to have goals to get those things.

B. If you don’t know what happiness is to you, happiness is only a word.

C. Many people do things that make them unhappy.

D. Everybody knows clearly how to live a happy life.

( )45. What is the best title for this passage ?

A. Three ways to have a good job.

B. Three ways to start a happy life.

C. Three things that makes you successful.

D. Three things that you can’t do in your life.


There are about 3000 kinds of snakes in the world. They live in many places in the world .But there aren't any snakes in the Antarctic, New Zealand, Ireland or Iceland.

Snakes have no legs, but they can "walk" very fast. They can swim and climb trees. Some of them even(甚至)"fly".

The longest snakes can be 10 meters, but the smallest ones are only about 23cm long. Snakes are meat-eaters. They can eat big animals, such as(比如)pigs or sheep. Some snakes are very dangerous. Many of them kill people and animals. But we shouldn't eat snakes, because they can make us ill.

Some people like snakes a lot. They keep snakes as their pets and some even sleep with them.

( ) 46. How many kinds of snakes are there in the world?

A. There are about three hundred.

B. There are about three thousand.

C. There are about three million.

( )47.Do snakes have legs?


A. Yes, they do.

B. No, they don't.

C. Some do and some don't.

( )48.How long can the longest snake be?

A. About 10 meters.

B. About 10 kilometers.

C. About 23 meters.

( ) 49.What's the Chinese for "meat-eater"?

A. 素食者

B. 肉食者

C. 比较能吃的

( ) 50.Which is the best title(题目)of this short passage?

A. Snakes Can Be Pets

B. Snakes

C. We Like Pets


51. Don’t w________, I’ll help you to find her.

52.—W___________ is your uncle? —He is a scientist.

53.Ben , are you s _________ watching TV now?

54. Of all subjects, I like English b_______.

55. Dr Sun Yatsen is so i_________ to modern China.


56.Why don’t you go out for a walk with your friends? (改为同义句)

Why ________ ___________ out for a walk with your friends?

57.Don’t go out in a rainy day, ________ _______ ?

58. Amy likes playing computer games.(改为一般疑问句)

playing computer games?

59. He often did his homework at home many years ago. ( 改成否定句) 6

60. I like swimming. Tony doesn’t like swimming. (连成一个句子)

I like swimming ______________Tony doesn’t like swimming.



提示词: nearly 20,000,000 people ,Yuexiu Park ,Five Goat Statue(五羊雕像) , the Pearl River, delicious food


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