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( )1. A. grass B.glass C.guess

( )2.A.nurse B.noise C.nose

( )3.A.walk B.wall C.well

( )4. A.coat B.boat C.note

( )5. A.cartoon B.candle C.costume

( )6. A.parent B.present C.birthday

( )7. A.the 15 of June B.the 5 of July C.the 15 of July

( )8. A.date B.late C.cake

( )9. A.June B.July C.juice

( )10. A.grow B.blow C.now


( )1. A.It?s a sign.

B.It?s means ?Keep quiet?.

C.It?s over there.

( )2.A.It means you shouldn?t ride bikes here.

B.It means you shouldn?t take photos.

C.It means you should stay away from it.

( )3. A.Yes,you can.

B.Yes,you must.

C.Yes,you should.

( )4. A.They?re from China.

B.They are for Grandpa.

C.They are from Grandpa..

( )5. A.It?s a public sign.

B.They are public signs.

C.There are a lot of signs here.

( )6.A.It?s Tuesday.

B.It?s four o?clock.

C.It?s the 11th of January.

( )7.A.It?s Monday.

B.It?s the 8th of August.

C.It?s on the 8th of August.

( )8.A.A football. B.Thank you. C.I like it very much.

( )9.A.Yes, I can. B.Sure. C.Happy birthday.

( )10.A.Yes, I am. B.No, you don?t. C.Yes, I do.


Early this______ ,Mr. Smith is ______ a ______ in the park. Suddenly, he ______ _______on the grass. It is a ten-yuan ______. He is very happy and walks to it. He looks ______, there is no one nearby. So he ______ it up 1

quickly. The park keeper _______ ________ to him, points to the sign on the grass and says:“please ________ _______ the grass, fine ten-yuan.”



1.9岁__________________ 2.散步_____________________

3.谈论_________________ 4.五月一日__________________

5.第五个男生______________ 6.look around ________________

7.Happy Birthday! __________ 8.blow out the candles__________.

9.a present for Liu Tao________ 10.wait and see________________


( )1.The boys are____the magazines.

A.reading B.watching C.seeing D.looking

( )2.The park keeper points _____a sign beside the building.

A.in B.to C.with D.at

( )3.Can you pick____for me,please?

A.up it B.it up C.its up D.up its

( )4.——Can I ask you a question?

——No, you can?t. You _____ask the teacher.

A.should B.will C.would D.do

( )5.Which is the first day of the week?

A.Saturday B.Monday C.Tuesday D.Sunday

( )6.There_______much______in the cinema.

A. is;noise B. are;noise C. are;noises D. is;noises ( )7.We usually have a sports meeting(运动会)______May.

A.in B.on C.with C.for

( )8.Let?s_____ a birthday party.

A.have B.having C.Has D.had

( )9.I?d like a big cake______my birthday present.

A.of B.as C.for D.on

( )10.I?m______ for my ruler.

A.Whose B.find C.looking D.look


1.Look, the old woman____________(water) the flowers..

2.What _______ this sign ______(mean)?

3.You can?t__________(watch) TV . You should________(go) to bed now.

4.______(not touch) the computer..

5.Liu Tao likes________(make) model ships.

6.We should write______(careful) on the copybook.

7.Today is my _____(twelve) birthday.

8.Would you like____ (live) with me?

9.I?d like this VCD of________(Japan) cartoons.

10.My ______(birthday) presents are on the bed.



1. We should take some photos. (改为否定句)

2. Touch your nose.(改为否定句)

3.Ben’s birthday is on the sixteenth of October.


4.That sign means we shouldn’t climb trees. (同上)

5.It is the first of October today. (同上)

6.You should keep off the grass

You should _______ _______ _______ the grass.(改为同意句)

7.I’d like a storybook as my birthday present.


8.Jim is blowing out the candles now. (同上)

9.Jim has a birthday cake.(改为一般疑问句)

10.Would you like to watch “Aladdin” with Helen.(改为同意句)


( _________________


( _________________


( ________________


( _________________


( . _________________



(A) Today is Sunday.It?s seven thirty in the morning. It?s fine. Kate and her parents are going to the Great Wall. Kate?s father is a doctor. Her mother is a teacher. Now they?re getting on a big bus. There are twenty-two people in it. Some are English, and some are American and Japanese. They look very happy. They?re going to the Great Wall, too. There are four Chinese on the bus. A young woman, she?s a driver. Ayoung man, he?s a guide(导游). My father and I are going to the Great Wall, too.



( )1.It?s a fine Sunday morning.

( )2.Kate?s father and mother are teachers.

( )3.There are twenty-two people in the bus.

( )4.They are happy.

( )5.The driver is a young man.


Dad:What date is it today, Ben?

Ben:It?s 10th of September. Oh, tomorrow is my birthday.

Dad:Would you like a big cake for your birthday?

Ben:Yes, please. Can I have a cake with lots of strawberries?

Dad:Sure. Let?s put‘Happy Birthday, Ben!’ on the cake.

Ben:Great! Thank you, Dad.

Mum:What would you like as a birthday preaent, dear?.

Ben:I?d like some fish, please.

Mum: What colour fish would you like?

Ben: I?d like a blue one and a yellow one, please.

Ron: A blue fish! Can I have one too, Mum?

Mum:OK, Ron. I?ll buy one for you, too.

Ron: Thank you, Mum.


( )1.Ben?s birthday is on________.

A. September 9 B. September 10

C. September 11 D. September 12

( )2.Ben would like a cake with_______ on it.

A. apples B.strawberries C.grapes D.bananas

( )3.Mother wants to give Ben_______.

A.a big cake B.some stamps

C. some strawberries D.some fish

( )4.What colour fish does Ben like?

A. blue one and a yellow one. B.Red and yellow.

C.Blue and red. D. Yellow and red.

( )5. Ron can have_______, too.

A.a big cake B.a blue fish

C.some strawberries D.a yellow fish



_______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________



听力部分 一、听录音,选择你所听到的单词。(1×10分) 1. A. grass 2. C.nose 3. B.wall 4. B.boat 5. B.candle 6. A.parent 7. C.the 15 of July 8. C.cake 9. A.June 10. B.blow 二、听录音,选择正确的应答句。(1.5×10分) 1.----What?s that over? 2. What does the sign ?Danger? mean? 3.Should I go to bed now? 4.Where are Yang Ling and Liu Tao from? 5.What are they? 6.What day is it today? 7.When?s your birthday? 8.What would you like as a birthday present? 9.Would you like to come to my birthday party? 10.Do you like your birthday present?(1----5 ACCAB 6----10ACABC) 三、听录音,补全下面的对话。(0.5×14分) It is a He is very happy and looks , there is no So he it up says:“” 听力部分 一、英汉互译 1.nine years old 2.take a walk 3.talk about 4.(May 1st) the first of May 5.the fifth boy 6.四处看看 7.生日快乐! 8.吹灭蜡烛 9.给刘涛的一个礼物 10.等等看 二、选择题 1——5ADBCD 6——10AAABC 三、用词组的适当形式填空 1.is watering 2.does mean 3.watch go 4.Don?t touch 5.making 6.carefully 7.twelfth 8.to live 9.Japanese 10.birthday 四、按要求写句子 1.We should not take any photos. 2.Don? touch your nose. 3.When is Ben?s birthday? 4.What does that sign mean?

5.What date is it today?

6.stay away from

7.What would you like as your birthday present?

8.What is Jim doing now?

9.Does Jim have a birthday cake?

10.Do you want to watch “Aladdin” with Helen?


1.B quiet 2.C are 3.B wait 4.C stay away 5.C mean




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