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5A Unit 11

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Unit 1

1、the first day 2、at school

3、the first day of the new term 4、be back

5、be happy to do sth 6、each other 7、a new building

8、a lot of room=lots of room 9、how many classroom 10、I’m not sure 11、Let’s go and see. 12、Let me see. 13、have a look 14、near your house 15、a small park 16、good idea 17、in the street 18、on the plate 19、on the table Unit 2

1l、ive in a new house2her parets

3、near her school 4、like very much 5、in your bedroom 6、on the bed 7、naer my bed 8、on the wall 9、a map of the world 10、a map of China 11、on the desk 12、under the bed 13、behind the door 14、in the cat’s mouth

15、the rabbit in the black hat 16、a little mouse Unit 3

1、at a music lesson 2、have a music lesson 3、in the music room 4、in the afternoon 5、boys and girls 6、sing a song 7、play the violin

8、Let’s start.

9、learn the song

10、listen to the song

11、listen to music

12、follow me

13、ride a bike

14、put a book on your head

15、have an ice cream

16、make a puppet

17、make a modle plane

18、play the guitar

19、under the teacher’sdesk

20、find him

21、behind the blackboard

22、after class

Unit 4

1、his family

2、in the sitting room

3、would like to do sth =want to do sth

4、buy things for Halloween party

5、need some chocolate 6、Here’s your chang 7、on Saturdays 8、like swimming 9、play table tennis 10、with our friends 11、in the evening 12、listen to music

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