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Chinese name: score:

一. 按要求写单词(20分)

1. I(宾格)_________________ 2.teapot(复数形式)__________________

3.中国人___________________ 4.France(汉语)___________________

5.家庭作业_________________ 6.fly(汉语意思)_________________

7.garden(汉语意思)_________ 8.sleep(ing形式)_______________

9.put(ing形式)________________ 10.sit( ing形式)_________________

11.is not(缩写形式)____________ 12.drink(ing形式)__________________

13.猫(英语单词)_____________ 14.树(英语单词)________________

15.牛奶(英语单词)___________ 16.letter(汉语意思)_________________

17.family(汉语意思)_____________ 18.homework(汉语意思)____________

19.ship(汉语意思) ____________ 20.妻子(英语单词)_________________


1.---What can you do?

---I can ______ dishes.

A. wash B. washes C. washing

2.I like chicken, but my father ________.

A. am B. doesn’t C. are

3. ---_______ is Sally?

--- She is in the garden.

A. What B. Where C. Who

4. What’s the dog doing?

---It’s ________ after a cat.

A. run B. runs C. running

5.Sally is looking _____ a big ship.

A. in B.at C. under

6.What’s in the bag?

---There is __________ tabacoo.

A. a bar of B. a tin of C. a bottle of

7.Jenny comes from China, she is _________

A. Chinese B. American C. Japanese

8.What are you going to do now?

---I ______________ the bookcase.

A. paint B. am C. am going to paint.

9.I ____ Chinese.

A. is B. am C. be

10.What are you ________?

A. doing B. do C. to


1.What are you doing?

a) I’m jumping off the tree. b)I like blue

2.where’s Penny?

a)She is in the garden b)Tom is here

3.What’s he going to do?

a)He is ill b)He’s going to shave.

4.Can you wash this shirt for me?

a)No, I can’t b)yes, I do

5.Does Tim like oranges?

a)Thank you b)No, he doesn’t.

6.Do you want any sugar?

a)Yes, please. b)You’re welcome

7.What’s the climate like in Greece?

a) I’m sorry b) It’s very pleasant.

8.Where do you come from?

a) England. b)It’s cold

9.What do you usually do in the evening?

a)Read books b)Good morning

10. Do you have any meat?

a) No, I don’t have any meat. b)Yes, I like it

四. 连词成句。(10分)

1. They, to, by, school, go, bus______________________________.

2. What, going, you, do, to, are_________________________________?

3.some, There, is, in box, chocolate, the_____________________________________.

4.Nice, meet, to, you___________________________________

5.you, What, are, doing______________________________________?

五. 翻译。(15分)

1. He comes from Japan.____________________________________________

2.It is always hot in summer.__________________________________________ 4.What are you doing._____________________________________________

5.Mr. Sawyer usually reads newspaper at night.____________ ____________________________

6.I can make cakes.__________________________________________________

7.What are you going to do?____________________________________________

8.There are two pens on the desk.___________________________________

9.I can see an apple on the desk._______________________________________________

10.Here you are._________________________________________________

六. 用所给单词的适当形式填空(10分)

1. Look,Sam is ________(watch) TV now.

2. I’m going to ________ (swim) tomorrow afternoon.

3. I can _______(type) letters.

4. What are you ______ (go) to do with that vase?

5. What are you ______(do)?

七. 按要求完成句子(20分)

1. ?(就划线部分提问)

_______ is the tea?

2. Open the door, please.(变为否定句)

_______ open the door, please.

3. Sam is playing with a dog?(变为否定句)

Sam is ______ playing with a dog.

4.Do you like coffee?(翻译为汉语)


5.What’s the climate like in summer?(翻译为汉语)


6. 我打算做一个书架。(翻译为英语)

I’m ________ ________ make a bookcase.

7. 他们正在房间里睡觉。(翻译为英语)

They ________ sleeping ________ _________ room.

8. She’s sitting under the tree.(翻译为汉语)


9 Is Tim in the garden,too?(翻译为汉语)______________________________________________

10.There is a boy in the river.(翻译为汉语)


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