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一. 用正确的形式抄写下列句子 (10分)

have you got a pet peter yes i have got a dog


二.写出下列单词的复数形式 (8分)

1.that _________2.baby __________ 3. woman __________ 4. sheep __________

5. peach _________ 6.knife __________ 7. leaf ___________ 8. box __________

三.写出下列单词的现在分词 (8分)

1.swim_________ 2.fly___________ 3.sit ____________ 4. dance___________

5. chase_________ 6.skate_________ 7.see ____________ 8.play___________

四.写出下列单词的反义词 (8分)

1. short _________ 2. full _________ 3.hard __________ 4.fat ___________

5. long _________ 6. old ___________ 7.sad ____________ 8.hot ___________

五.选出正确答案 (20分)

( )1.That cat _______ a long tail. It’s lovely.

A. is B. has C. have

( )2. Alice and Kitty __________ in the room.

A. is reading B. reading C. are reading

( )3. _________is Alice? She is sitting on her chair.

A. Where B. What C. Who

( )4. Children __________ playing __________.

A. is , the violin B. are , the violin C. are , violin

( )5. Whose pencil is this? _________ Tom’s pencil.

A. This is B. They are C. It’s

( )6. Look, Peter is ______ under the tree .Tom is ________beside the tree.

A. siting , jumpping B. sitting , jumping C. sitting, jumpping

( )7. Listen, Danny ______playing the piano. He can ______it well.

A. is , playing B. are, play C. is , play

( )8. How many _________ are there?

A. dog B. sheep C. rabbit

( )9. There ________ desk in the room.

A. are B. is a C. is

( )10. The fox________ the grapes.

A. is like B. like C. likes


1. 中英文翻译搭配

( ) under the chair A. 在操场上

( )in the playground B. 在树后

( )behind the tree C. 在黑板上

( )beside the tree D. 在树旁边

( )on the blackboard E. 椅子下面

2. 问答句搭配

( )1. What are these? A. It’s sour. It’s a lemon.

( ) 2. Taste this, what is it? B. They are crayons

( ) 3.Smell this, is it nice? C. I am fine. Thank you.

( ) 4. Here you are. D. No, it isn’t.

( ) 5.How are you? E. Thank you.


My name is Betty. I’m short and thin. My father is a policeman. He is tall. He can jump and dive. My mother

is a teacher. She is beautiful. She can paint and sing English songs. We have a white dog. His name is Sam. He is

two. Look, he is eating a bone. We love Sam very much.

1. Betty isn’t tall and fat. ( )

2. Betty’s father can paint and sing English songs. ( )

3. Betty has a beautiful mother. ( )

4. Sam has a white dog. ( )

5. Betty loves her dog. ( )


一 Have you got a pet, Peter? Yes, I have got a dog.

二 those; babies; women; sheep; peaches; knives; leaves; boxes

三 swimming; flying; sitting; dancing; chasing; skating; seeing; playing

四 long; hungry; soft; thin; short; new; happy;cold

五 B C A B A B C B B C

六 1. EABDC



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