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一、句子复习(36句):(四会句里每个词都要求会写。) There weren’t any swings here before.

There was only a slide.

There wasn’t a pond here before.

There is one now.

There are many sweets.

There are many fruits, too.

This one is heavy.

It’s an autumn festival.

It’s really fun.

They go to people’s houses.

They scare the people.

What are we going to do?

We’re going to have lunch together.

Are you going to have a birthday cake?

Yes, I am.

It isn’t hers.

It isn’t his.

Whose T-shirt is it?

It’s mine.

Can you run fast? No, I can’t.

You can jump high.

You can play basketball well.

This dog can help him.

Can Fifi help the blind people?

No, he can’t. He only wants to play.

In England, they sit around tables.

We sit in lines in China.

They sing songs together every morning.

We do morning exercises.

Are you sad?

No, I’m not.

What’s the matter?


You shouldn’t play with the CDs!

I’m sorry.

You should tidy your toys.


1.There be句型(现在时、过去时):Module 1, 2:看图说话,先描述,然后


There was a small playground here in 2000.

Now there is a big one.

There weren’t any swings here before.

There are two now.

2. be going to 句型:Module 4:练习写作,写出周末或假期打算

3. 情态动词的句型:Module 6,7,10, Review Module:总结情态动词的用法(情态动词后的动词是原形),并通过练习情态动词的用法复习动词词组。


feed the ducks, run fast, jump far, catch the ball, play basketball, help the blind people, ride a bike, find people, open the door, do morning exercises, sing songs, have fun, study hard, try hard, play chess, drink some water, listen in class.

4. 物主代词的运用:Module 5:要有名词性和形容词性的对比表格和练习、运用。P19

It is ’s This is

5. 节日话题:Module 3:练习描述节日特色,尝试写作。

6. 一般现在时态:Module 8,学会描述中西方学校差异P30

School stars at 8 o’clock.

It finishes at 4 o’clock.

7. felling话题:Module 9:看图说话,学会描述一件事情的发展变化,尤其是人物情感的变化。


heavy, tidy, blind, special, bored, kind, scary, different, wet, dirty, hungry, thirsty, clever, tired, sad, angry, happy ,helpful是默写或认读的重要词汇



1. ---Can Lingling jump high?

--- _____________

A. Yes, I can.

B. No, she can’t.

C. Yes, he can.

2. I ____ speak English then. But now I ____speak English well.

A. could, can

B. couldn’t, can

C. can’t, could

3. She _____ school every morning.

A. start

B. starts

C. starting

4. Children can ___________ at break time.

A. study hard

B. have fun

C. sit around tables

5. Yesterday, we ______ football.

A. playing

B. play

C. played

6. Sam’s uncle is blind.

He can’t _____.

A. see B. say B. hear

7. ---English children study hard.

---Yes, they ________ every day.

A. do morning exercises

B. sing songs

C. do homework

8. She was three then. She couldn’t _________.

A swim B swimming C swims

9.There ______lots of fruits in the supermarket last Monday.

A. was B. are C. were

10. Lingling’s English isn’t good. She should _______.

A be helpful.

B read Chinese

C try hard

11. She can use _____ pen.

A. his B. mine C. Amy

12. I didn't ______ my bike.

A. find B. found C. finding

13. School____at 9 o’clock in England.

A. start B. starts C. finish

14. _______ a beautiful girl!

A. What B. When C. Who

15. There ____ a pond in 1997. Now there ____ four.

A. was, are

B. were, were

C. were, are


1. a/what/supermarket/big

2. me/put/car/help/the/please/bags/the/in

3. do/what/children/at/do/Halloween

4. the/then/give/sweets/people/them

5. you/ for/ going/ I’m/ Christmas/ make/ to/ a/ present /surprise 6.your/but/T-shirts/both/red/there/are

7. were/then/people/the/safe

8. do/what/get/time/you/up


1. We _______ in ________in China.

2. It’s an ________ _______.

3. Can you ___________ the _______?

Yes, I can.

4.You can ________ ________.

5.You should be _______.

You should be _________.

6. ---What’s the _________?

--- ____________. I’m thinking.

7. English children can ______fun at ______


8. At last, Zara ________ out to play.

And she was very _________.

9. There are ________ ________ in the


10. Are you ________?

Do you want to ________ _________?



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