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一.Listen and circle. (听录音,圈出正确的字母或者单词)10%

1. JK 2. PD 3. name 4. kite 5. note

6. me 7. story book 8. phone 9. bedroom 10. doctor

二.Listen and choose.(听录音,选出正确的图片)10%

1. I have a new chair.

2. Let me clean the blackboard.

3.I have a new friend. He is tall and strong.

4. I’d like some rice, fish and vegetable.

5. Pass me the fork and knife,please

6. 男:Who’s that woman?

女:She is my aunt. She is a nurse.

7. 男:Is John in the living room?

女:No,he isn’t. He’s in the study.

8. 男:How many people are there in your family?


9. 男:Where are the glasses?

女:Look! They are on the fridge.

10. 男:What’s on your desk?

女:A Chinese book and an English book.

三.Listen and draw。(听录音,画笑脸或者哭脸)5%

1. Turn on the fan

2. Sweep the floor.

3.A: How many keys? B:Ten

4. My good friend is a boy. He is short and thin.

5. Pass me the knife.

四.Listen and match(听录音,在人物上方标出他们喜欢吃的食物的选项。)5%

1. 女:John, would you like some soup?

男:No, thanks. I’d like some fish and some vegetables.

女:OK, let’s have some fish and some vegetables.

2. 男:Dinner is ready. What would you like, Amy?

女: I’d like some beef and soup,please. They look nice.

3. 女:What would you like, Zhangpeng?

男: I’d like some bread and milk, please.

4. Look at the man. He’s Mr Jones. My new English teacher. He likes Chinese noodles and eggs.

5. 男:Hi, Miss white,what would you like?

女: I’d like some chicken and rice.

五.Listen and choose the answer.(听问句,选择合适的答句。)10%

1.What’s his name? 2.What’s in your school bag? 3.Is he in the living room?

4.Where are the keys? 5.What’s your father’s job?

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