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二、根据下列句子说法.从方框中选出恰当的9个代词填空。(注意大小写) my his we its him their

mine hers our it yours they

1. Andy and I are making a model plane.→_________are making a model plane.

2.Does the black bike belong to you ?→Is the black bike_______?

3.The big house among the mountains belongs to them. →______big house lies among the mountains.

4.It is her computer. →The computer is _______.

5.I can’t find my glasses.→The glasses are not _______.Where is


6.The tail belongs to the white dog. →The white dog is waging (摆动)______tail happily.

7.Mom and Dad bought a birthday gift for him. →________bought a birthday gift for him. →The birthday gift was________.


1.(This/These)are my letters and (that /those)is my brother’s.

2.(This/These)shoes are Ms. Jones.

3.How (many/much)apples do you have?

4.---Is there (some/any )water in the fridge? -----Yes. there is (some/any).

5.(Everybody/Nobody)needs friends.

6.Hurry up !There are (a few /few )minutes left.

7.(What/Which)do you like better ? Surfing or skating?

8.-----What’s in the letter? -----It’s (anything /nothing)important.

9.---So you are James Cotton! ----(It’s/That’s)right. My name is James.

10.----What did you say just now? ---(Nothing/Everything).


1.Are they _______raincoats or ______?

A. their, ours B. their, our C. theirs, ours D. their, us

2.Help _______ to some chicken .

A. themself B. them C. yourself D. yourselves

3.________ of my parents can take care of my little sister , so I will stay at home to take care of her.

A. All B. Both C. None D. Neither

4.____do you like best, football, volleyball or baseball?

A. Who B. Which C. What D. Why

5.-----Teacher Zhang, ____ wants to see you. ------Who?

A. someone B. anyone C.I D. he

6.-----What time is _______? -----_________’s eight o’clock am.

A. this, This B. that, This C. it, It D. it, This

7.------May I have some socks,please?

------Can I give you _______ socks on the shelf?

-----No. thank you. I’d like ______socks there. They look comfortable.

A. that, this B. this, that C. those, these D. these, those

8.Three bottles of water ,two cakes and a knife. please. -----Is ___all?

A. it B. this C. that D. these

9. Would you like ______wine? ------No. thanks.

A. some B. any C. no D. the

10.Hello,_________is Susan speaking .Can I speak to Andy. please?

------Hold on, please.

A. she B. this C. that D. it

11.There are _____eggs in the bottle. I have to buy _____.

A. no, little B. a little, little C. few, some D. a few, few

12.Don’t worry ._____can finish the job by ___.

A. Myself me B. Me Myself C. I myself D .Myself I

13. _____ hat is this? It’s _____.

A. Whose, me B. Who, mine C. Whom, his D. Whose, mine

14. The population of China is larger than __________ of Japan.

A. one B. it C. that D. those

15. _________ like music.

A. Both of them B. Both of they C. The both girls D. Both them

16. Could you give me some ink? Sorry, I have____ in my bottle.

A. a few B. few C. a little D. little

17. _________ of the teachers are ok in our school.

A. every B. each C. either D. all

18. My family ____ a big family. My family ____all here.

A. is, is B. are, are C. is, are D. are, is

19. Is she your aunt? Yes, __________.

A. she’s B. her is C. she is D. he is

20. Are __________ coats yours? —Yes, they are .

A. they B. these C. this D. there


1. That is a small dog. (近处)


2. This violin is mine. (对画线部分提问)


3. My grandfather is reading an evening paper. (对画线部分提问)


4. This book is new. (改为复数句)


5. My uncle is a superstar. (对画线部分提问)



Look at the girl. She is __1__ good friend. She is __2__ English girl. __3__ name is Doris. __4__ twelve. My __5__ is Li Ping. __6__ a Chinese girl. I am eleven. Doris has a happy family. __7__ father is a driver and her mother is a doctor. I have a happy family, too. There are three people in __8__ family. My father, my mother and __9__. I love my parents and __10__ love me, too.

( )1. A. I B. you C. me D. my

( )2. A. a B. an C. the D./

( )3. A. His B. She C. Her D. She’s

( )4. A. She B. She’s C. Her D. Her’s

( )5. A. name B. book C. friend D. bag

( )6. A. I B. I’m C. She D. She’s

( )7. A. She B. She’s C. Her D. Her’s

( )8. A. my B. mine C. I D. me

( )9. A. we B. me C. she D. I

( )10. A our B. their C. they D.we


1. These are ______ ( he ) brothers. 2. That is _______( she ) sister.

3. Lily is _______ ( Lucy ) sister. 4. Tom, this is _____ ( me ) cousin, Mary.

5. Now _____________(her parent) are in America.

6. Those __________ ( child ) are _____ ( I ) father’s students.

7. Do you know ______ ( it ) name? 8. Mike and Tom __________ ( be ) friends.

9. Thanks for helping ________( I ). 10. ____(Ann)mother is ______(we) teacher.


1._____ is my friend. 他是我的朋友。 2. My dog likes _____. 我的狗喜欢她。

3. Who is there? It’s _____. 是谁啊?是我。 4. Come with _____. 跟我来。

5. ______ classroom is bigger than ____. 你们的教室比我们的要大。

6. _____ are Chinese. 我们是中国人。

7.I want to buy some balloons for ______. 我想买些气球送给他。

8. These are ______ photos. 这些是我们的照片。

9. _____ like ______ very much. 他们非常喜欢它。

10. Let _____ give _____ a book. 让我给你一本书。

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